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Ek Deewana Tha 06 February 2018 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 06 February 2018 Written Update, EDT Written Episode

Today’s (06.02.2018) Ek Deewana Tha episode start with Vyom tries to blow on Sharanya’s head which angers Shiv. He uses his powers to cover his hand with ice. Vyom looks at his hand and in Shiv’s direction stunned. Shiv recalls Sharanya asking him what he will do if she will fall in trouble. Will you throw Vyom in air or freeze him? Shiv realises he shouldn’t have done it. Vyom thinks it to be his illusion. Shiv is dead. He cannot come back now. He looks around the room puzzled.

Next morning, Shiv asks Sharanya why she got so drunk. I told you to make Vyom drunk. She apologizes to him. I thought he will fall for it but he did not! Shiv tells her to speak slowly. Someone will hear you. Sharanya says Papa is not at home while Mom is resting inside.

Vyom is taking bath. He cannot stop thinking about what happened in the car (when Sharanya took Shiv’s name).

Shiv keeps scolding Sharanya. She apologizes. He tells her that the way Vyom was staring at you it seems he has a doubt on you now. She does not mind it. I wont let him figure out everything.

Shiv tells her she cannot realise what kind of people she is living with! She asks him why he left her alone if he was so worried.. He says I dint leave you willingly. I had to go as it was sunset. We have to find out about the car but only if you will take Ajit along. She promises him. He tells her that it is hidden in the garage behind the house. Killer is too sharp. The proof was right in the house and we did not know! She decides to get the culprit punished.

Vyom looks at Sharanya as he rubs the glass clean. He notices her talking to someone.

Sharanya tells Shiv not to worry. I was drunk but I am sure I dint tell Vyom anything which would let him doubt me. Shiv says I understand it but we cannot take such a big risk. She does not mind it. Shiv says I am dead.
She insists it does. What is dead is more important that my life. Can you not see that I am breathing but I am not really alive/? This Sharanya died the day when the killers killed my Shiv!

Vyom is unable to hear anything. He leans closer but in vain. Sharanya keeps talking. Shiv shushes her sensing someone coming there. He sees Vyom. She is about to turn but Shiv warns her not to turn so abruptly. Act like you are talking to the plants. She tries doing it when Vyom asks her who she was talking to. She points at the plants. He says I know you are innocent but you aren’t that innocent. Who you were talking to? She speaks of what she read in the article but he asks her what she was just saying. You spoke of someone killing someone. She turns to look at Shiv but he tells her against it. She repeats what Shiv says. Vyom points out that the plants are on the ground whereas she was looking up at around 6 feet 5 inches height. Shiv advises Sharanya to pull Vyom’s towel. She tries doing it but Vyom warns her against it. I am not wearing anything underneath. Let’s go inside. Shiv tells her to throw water on him instead. She turns in shock but he warns her against it. Sharanya uses the pipe to drench Vyom and vice versa. Chandni and Rati are watching them. Chandni uses this chance to tell Rati they do not seem to miss Vidyut at all. Your family is finished while they are romancing in the garden! Rati leaves from there upset.

Sharanya manages to run inside. Vyom looks back. Shiv walks up to him and stares him right in the eye. He heads inside taking Sharanya’s name.

Chandni asks Rati why she is ignoring truth. No one is concerned for your pain. Did you see even one crease on Vyom’s face? Madhvi says forget about Vyom, I can see devil in your face right now.

Sharanya collides with Rajan who glares at her. Vyom too comes there. Rajan asks her what this is. She says sorry to him. He asks her for what all will she say sorry. First for your drunk behaviour and now this?

Madhvi asks Chandni if she is not ashamed of creating rift in the family. She advises Rati not to focus on Chandni’s words. Vyom is also worried for Vidyut. He does not want to talk about it and add on to your worry. He just got married and you know how madly he loves Sharanya. Chandni says Vyom is the son of this house. He does not mind Vidyut’s absence? Madhvi tells her to shut up. Stop aggravating the matter.

Rajan tells Vyom to atleast think about Rati. Vidyut is missing. Think how she would feel seeing you both like this. Don’t you both know this? You are both chasing each other so happily in garden wearing a towel? Are you not ashamed? Vyom calls it fun but Rajan calls it shamelessness. Keep it within your room. Be sensitive. A family member is missing and you are behaving like this? Rati witness it all. Vyom says we wont stop living if one family member will go missing. Rajan is about to slap him but Sharanya steps in between. Rajan warns Vyom to stay in his limits. Don’t cross it. You are talking about my brother! Vyom looks at him.

Madhvi warns Chandni not to instigate Rati or I will tell Rajan. You will come in your senses when you will be thrown out of the house. Chandni asks her who will throw her out of the house. Rajan? Madhvi says I will do it before him instead. Chandni calls her funny. Do you know how many secrets this house holds? Madhvi tells her to speak slowly. Chandni warns her that her son and husband will be left for nothing if they come out. You would have thrown me out of the house the day my husband died! You should be careful while talking to me! Mind your tongue before me. She twists Madhvi’s throat a little tightly. Shiv has heard everything and kneels next to Madhvi. Which secret are you all hiding?

Rajan warns Vyom and Sharanya not to repeat it ever. She apologizes to him and promises him of the same. Rajan walks away while Sharanya takes Vyom inside. Chandni tells Rajan Vyom was right. Since when did you become melodramatic! Rajan does not mind when kids lose their path. Sadly, no one stopped you or you wouldn’t have been like this today! She says I just lectured your wife and now let’s come back to your son. You loved it when you spoke grandly of your son’s puppy love towards Sharanya? Rajan glares at him. Chandni asks him how his love towards the couple turned into anger suddenly. You liked Sharanya very much. He says I still like her. Do you have any problem? Chandni says your beloved DIL is making your son dance to her tunes. He suggests her to join some classes or organization as she is losing her mind sitting idle. Stupid! He walks away miffed. Chandni says everyone’s brain has caught rust. How will I find out what Sharanya is thinking if I wont think? She has changed the meaning of relations! She is behaving so weirdly these days. What is she up to? Shiv thinks everyone in this house is hiding some secret. Sharanya wont believe if I will tell her. She will again land in some problem. She does not understand what kind of people she is living with! Now I only will have to do something!


Sharanya shouts at Shiv not to step forward. I cannot lose it again. She stretches her arms to hold him but fails. Vyom hears her shouting for Shiv and realises he was right.


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