Home TV Ek Deewana Tha 07 February 2018 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Ek Deewana Tha 07 February 2018 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 07th February 2018 Written Update, EDT Written Episode

Today’s (07.02.2018) Ek Deewana Tha episode starts with Shiv prays to God to show them some way.

Vyom says I only drink milk now. I used to drink alcohol earlier but it brings the truth in open. This is what Sharanya was doing. She wants to know what’s in my heart. Why is she doing it though? Why is she searching so much? What does she want? I told you to talk to her. Why dint you speak to her? He leans closely to the freezer. You died? Who killed you? I did not! He recalls killing Sadhvi ji. O yes, it was your problem only. You were trying to get me out of Sharanya’s heart while I killed you! it was fun. If you were alive then it would have benefitted me more. I would have found out what Sharanya is trying to find. She must have tried to contact you. Sadhvi ji’s feet can be seen as he moves the ice to look for the phone. He finds it.

It is so old. You are like me. Like I have one sugar cube, one love; you too have one orange dress, one phone. He checks her messages but there is none. Did you delete any message? Open your eyes. Did you do it? Should I pour hot milk over you? You did not? Her phone begins to ring.

Sharanya tells Vyom that it is ringing. Thank God, I was wondering why she wasn’t picking up.

Vyom picks the call but keeps mum. Sharanya says I have to tell you something very important about Vyom. It wasn’t what we were thinking. Are you listening? Shiv tells her to cut the phone. Sharanya asks him if he is sure. He nods. She disconnects the call.

Vyom wonders who she was talking to. She was saying something about Vyom. She knows everything! How does he know about Vyom? I do not know. I will send her message.

Sharanya reads Sadhvi ji’s message. Vyom has written that she is on a pilgrimage. I will talk to you once I am back. Shiv asks her about Ajeet. She tells him he is coming soon. Shiv tells her to leave now. Hope Vyom wont reach you. She begins to go when he tells her to take care of herself. She smiles. Vyom enters just when she is going out. Where are you going? She replies that she was going to kitchen. He tells her to let it be. You talk to yourself. Talk to me sometimes. She suggests making something for him first. What will you eat? He is surprised at her gesture. She says you got scolded by Dad because of me. I too have some duty towards you. What should I make for you? He demands of gajar ka halwa. Shall we cook together? She tells him she can make it but he says it will only make the atmosphere romance. She reminds him of Rajan’s warning words. Vyom says I am trying to talk romantically to you while you are pulling Papa in the conversation. She calls him nautanki. I don’t like it when people disturb me while cooking. I will make it. He tells her to make everything. Just don’t fool me. I don’t find it tasty at all. Shiv and Sharanya are alert.

Shiv tells Sharanya Ajeet is about to come. We can find some clue from the car. What are you doing? She does not react. He asks her if she thinks this is some game. Your life is in danger. She says I do not have any option. See if someone is outside. He peeks out of the kitchen and gives her green signal. Vyom blocks Sharanya’s way. I am getting bored. She insists she will make very tasty halwa for him. Shiv says well done to her. She begins to go but he looks again. I think he went to his room finally. You can go. He notices the CCTV camera above and tells her not to turn. She holds a plate to cross check it.

Vyom is watching Sharanya. You are doing something wrong but what!

Shiv says Vyom is too smart. He can hear and see everything. How should we get out of here? She notices the pan of hot milk and picks it. She keeps it right under the camera. The hot air covers the camera. Vyom understands that this isn’t a coincidence but a well planned move by Sharanya!

Shiv praises Sharanya that she has not changed at all. You are still smart. She says when 6 foot 4 inch is in trouble then I only have to use my mind. Flashback shows Sharanya thanking Shiv for helping her and her friend (Vyom) last night. He tells her that she has done it already. They argue sweetly again. She asks him if he cannot talk normally. She says why and holds his shoulder. he notices the teachers sitting in a glass room right in front of them and tells her to behave. She uses the solutions to create smoke on the glass. Sharanya comes back to him. I am speaking so nicely to you yet you are giving me attitude. Are you like that (gay)? We can be very good friends if you are like that. We can tell each other everything about boys, nail paints, dresses and everything. He turns suddenly and she goes quiet seeing him so close. He says what you will do if you find out about it. She promises to show him attitude in all the years! He makes a smiley on the glass. Flashback ends. Shiv accepts she is smart. shall we? She says we must take care of one more thing now. She peeks at Vyom very carefully and locks him inside the room. Shiv is impressed. You have become shrewd too.

Sharanya heads towards the garage while Shiv stays back to make sure no one is following her. Sharanya collides with Rati. Rati asks her why she seems so tensed. Is everything alright? Sharanya nods. I had some important work which I am going to finish. Rati notices her going to the backyard instead. She just said she was going out!

Ajeet reaches garage. Sharanya tells him (on call) to keep the shutter closed. I will come soon. He agrees.

The fog clears on the camera and Vyom is puzzled to see Sharanya missing. He tries getting out of the room but finds it locked from outside. Why are you playing this game Sharanya? He bangs on the door. Coincidentally, Rati was just passing by and opens the door. Vyom lies that Sharanya is playing hide and seek with him. She locked me. Rati shares that she saw Sharanya going to the backside of the house when she told me she was going outside. What’s going on? Vyom recalls hearing Sharanya speaking to no one (Shiv) about the car and garage. It is hide and seek. Sharanya does not know I am playing this game since childhood. I will find her out. He thinks to do something about the car before Sharanya reaches it.

Sharanya lifts the garage door and notices light. She is shocked to see the car on fire the moment she steps inside.

Precap: Sharanya shouts at Shiv not to step forward. I cannot lose you again. Shiv, don’t! She stretches her arms to hold him but fails. Vyom hears her shouting for Shiv and realises he was right.


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