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Ek Deewana Tha 10 February 2018 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 10th February 2018 Written  Update, EDT Written Episode

Today’s (10.02.2018) Ek Deewana Tha episode starts with Sharanya keeps asking Shiv to wake up. Do whatever you want to but just don’t leave me. You said you will never leave me. His hands begin to turn normal. Sharanya keeps crying requesting him to come back. You came for me right? Come back again. You lied when you said you feel bad to see me in pain! It was a lie right? Can you not see that I am crying? Please come back Shiv. I cannot live without you. His face and body turns normal once again. Sharanya keeps mumbling that Sharanya belongs to Shiv. Shiv adds that Shiv belongs to Sharanya. She looks at him in shock / happiness. She tries touching him but fails. You are fine Shiv. He asks her if he does not look fine.

Rati asks Sagar how he is so sure. Sagar says it is in industrial area. There are CCTV’s everywhere. Only Sharanya is seen going inside. There is no one else. I am sure only she has killed Vidyut. Give me time till evening. I will get the proof for you.

Sharanya asks Shiv how he could be fine again. He speaks of the power of love. Till the time it is with me, death cannot take me away. Flashback shows Shiv plays drum as Sharanya reads the shayari written by Shiv. Shiv says you can hear it when true love calls out to you. Shiv and Sharanya share an eye lock. Flashback ends. Sharanya asks Shiv why he came here. I told you to leave. Why dint you go? He asks her what he should have done. I cannot bear to see even a scratch on you. How can you even think I will leave you alone in a situation like this? She asks him what effect fire has on him. He does not know why or what happens to him near fire. It maybe because I am buried in ice. It is both my weakness and strength. You are my biggest strength though. Nothing can happen to me till you are with me. A flashback shows Shiv and Sharanya hugging. Vyom notices it and breaks his glares in anger.

Sharanya promises Shiv she will never leave him. He tells her he cannot give her this promise. I will go away when you will be safe and out of this mess. She refuses to let him go anywhere. You will stay here always. Vyom calls out to her. Vyom thinks of all the times he has heard her taking Shiv’s name. I have told you many times not to go anywhere leaving me behind. I feel pain when you are in pain. What do you want to know? You came to know about the killer? You can feel his pain but not mine? I can do anything for you. Always remember this. He hugs her. I can do anything for you. He says it to Shiv indirectly and loudly. Don’t force me to do what I do not want to do! Sharanya is only mine! Shiv looks at Vyom pointedly. Sharanya does not hug Vyom back. Vyom tells her her safety is of utmost concern to him. Don’t go anywhere without informing me. Sharanya’s eyes are fixed on Shiv when Vyom takes her with him. Vyom’s words echo in Shiv’s mind. He realizes that Vyom knows about him now.

Vyom brings Sharanya to their room. He suggests her to rest but she tells him she knows what’s best for her. He sits down in front of her. You don’t know anything. You don’t know how important it is for me that you are fine. Sharanya and Vyom keep arguing. Shiv asks her why she is arguing with Vyom. Vyom offers her medicine. She refuses to take it but Shiv tells her to take it. I am with you. She takes it. Vyom asks her if it is bitter. She replies that what looks good from outside is generally bitter from inside. Vyom adds that it is important to save your life.

Rati calls Rajan and informs that Sharanya has killed Vyom. He is shocked to hear it. How can she do this though? Rati says Sagar Bhaiya saw the CCTV footage and it was only Sharanya who went inside. No one apart from Sharanya was seen coming out or going inside. Rajan advises her not to jump on conclusions. She agrees to wait till evening. Sagar Bhaiya will bring proof with him. She ends the call. Madhvi has heard everything. She asks him till when will he protect his son. We know it was Vyom who did it. Rajan says who said Vyom killed Vidyut. I am not protecting my son! She tells him not to do so. Hope you know karma boomerangs. We have been saving our son since last 20 years but till when we will do so. He will have to pay for them one day!

Sharanya wakes up and notices Shiv sitting beside her. He tells her not to say anything. It is evening. Vyom gave you sleeping pill. She sits up in confusion. He again advises her to keep quiet and points at the CCTV camera in the room. Vyom put it in the room. I think washroom is the only place where there would be no camera. We would be able to talk there. She follows him to the washroom. He makes her switch on the shower. Vyom knows that you remember everything; that I am back; that we are trying to find clues against him. She asks him how he knows it. Shiv says the way he was looking at you today and talking to you today shows he knows. Maybe he was there yesterday when you were shouting my name. He figured everything. Vyom knows about our every move because he is keeping an eye on you every second. You must leave this house right away. She refuses. You are here to keep me safe. He says I can only turn water to ice or save you from the sun. I cannot protect you or hold you if you fall. I cannot even save you from a bullet. I am not fit for much. She stays put. I wont spare the one who killed you and papa. I will get him punished. I just need some time. He gives her time till Amavas which is due in 4 days. You will do my last rites yourself. My time on the earth will end then and I will leave for forever. She refuses to let him go anywhere. Why are you going and where? He agrees to tell her later. Find proof for now or get ready to do as I say. Vyom is looking inside from the keyhole.


Sharanya is watching CCTV footage (live footage of Rati maybe). Sagar tells Rati that it was Vyom who killed Vidyut. He too went inside the factory. Someone kills Sagar as Rati turns to call someone. Vyom looks on.


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