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Ek Deewana Tha 21 December 2017 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 21st December 2017 Written Update, EDT Written Episode

Today’s (21.12.2017) Ek Deewana Tha episode starts with Freddy and Odhni are on their way. She tells him to drive fast. I have to reach there before the wedding happens. They almost miss hitting someone. Odhni looks at the mirror and realises it was Sharanya’s father. She makes him stop the car. They try looking for him but are unable to find him. Freddy asks her if she was sure it was him. She nods. What was he doing here at this time? He should have been at the wedding! Who was he running from? Was that spirit following him? Shiv walks past her just then. Odhni feels his presence. She sees flashes of someone being stabbed. She looks at the sun. Sun is about to be helpless. It is going to be dark. Bad spirits will rule during this time!

Mr. Bisht is running holding the idol.

Odhni remarks that the spirit has started his bloody game. Someone s closely following Mr. Bisht.

Odhni realises that Sharanya’s father’s life is in danger. He would lose God when death will be near. Mr. Bisht hurts himself against something and falls down.

Odhni tells Freddy that they must save him. They go looking for him.

Shiv is standing near Mr. Bisht. He notices someone coming towards him and looks shocked.

Sharanya asks her mother about her father. Mrs. Bisht assures her he wouldn’t miss her wedding. He will come. Sharanya looks at the sky. Vyom asks her where she is looking. Sharanya looks at him. Mera Sajna plays in the background as they both look at each other. Vyom tells her her sun is right here. She smiles. Both the families greet each other. He says wow to her through her hand gesture and points at the holy thread. Are you ready to become Mrs. Bedi? She nods and smiles shyly. Rajan asks about Mr. Bisht. Mrs. Bisht says he thought to get Kuldevi’s blessing first. He went to Devprayag to get the idol. Rajan says you could have told me. We would have gone together. Where is he? She asks about Madhvi and Chandni. Rajan makes some excuse. he next tells Sharanya to fill Vyom’s life with happiness. I am sorry. I couldn’t make this wedding as grand as I wanted to. She assures him it is fine. I wish Papa comes soon. He tells her not to worry. Your papa will come soon.

A big log hits Mr. Bisht and he falls down. Shiv looks on. Aditya gives gifts to Rajan.

Mr. Bisht takes Sharanya’s name as he struggles keeping himself conscious but then ultimately passes out.

Sharanya hears her father’s voice just then. Vyom again assures her she will come.

Pundit ji asks the bride and groom to come before solar eclipse starts. The wedding wont be able to happen otherwise. Sharanya holds Vyom’s hand asking him to come. Everyone follows them to mandap as they walk holding hands. Madhvi comes just then with kerosene oil. She pours it all over the mandap area shocking everyone. She pours the rest of it over herself. Vyom tells her to stop but she warns him not to inch closer. You dint leave any other option for me (she is holding a fire stick). You want to marry this girl (Sharanya)? No mother can see her son destining his life in front of her eyes! How can I see you bearing the hatred of a spirit! It would be better to kill myself then. He asks her why she is doing this. She says I don’t have that much strength. Maybe I would be able to fix everything after my death! Remember that you were the reason I was alive and you are the reason of my death today! Rajan and Vyom tell her against it. Everything will be fine after the wedding. She points out that he has become blind in love. Sharanya tries assuring her that she is doing it all for Vyom only but Madhvi blames her for Vyom’s condition. You would be responsible if anything goes wrong with him! If it was up to me then I would have killed you instead! Don’t come near me. Mrs. Bisht is stunned by her words. Madhvi says I cannot do this because of my son but I can do this to myself. Vyom holds the stick. I will also die with you if you want to kill yourself. I cannot live without you and Sharanya. Let’s die together. Problem will be solved. She struggles with him for the stick. She breaks the holy thread during the tussle. Sharanya looks at it in shock.

Vyom throws the stick away and hugs his mother. What were you doing mom? She cries. The spirit enters Vyom again. He tightens his grip around Madhvi almost suffocating her. She pulls her by her hair. Pundit ji looks on in shock. Nawab starts barking at Vyom as he holds Madhvi by her throat! He lifts her high in the air and then let’s go of her. Rajan holds her. Pundit ji runs away from there.

Vyom mocks Madhvi for her drama. Why dint you set yourself afire? You are a drunkard! He lifts a vase but Sharanya requests him to listen to her. Everything will be fine. She is sure Devi Ma will find out a way. He mimics her. I will find a way! He extends his hand and twists it badly asking Sharanya to come to him. Rajan advises her against it. Vyom (spirit) asks her what’s in him (Vyom) that he doesn’t have! Come now if you want to marry me. He runs away from there.

Mr. Bisht reaches the wedding venue in seriously injured state. He sees Vyom and tries telling him something. Vyom replies that it isn’t Vyom but his daughter’s husband! He pushes Mr. Bisht. Sharanya reaches there just then. She keeps telling Vyom to listen to her. Don’t be afraid of the spirit! He runs in the opposite direction. Sharanya goes after him. Mr. Bisht shouts for Sharanya but his voice is too low to be heard.

Precap: Vyom’s hands and legs are tied by a chain while Sharanya gets ready to fight with the evil spirit. 


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