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Ek Deewana Tha 30 January 2018 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 30th January 2018 Written Update, EDT Written Episode

Today’s (30.01.2018) Ek Deewana Tha episode starts with Sharanya says I cannot understand anything. Why is Freddy behaving like this? I thought Vyom will be caught and we will get him punished. He instead wants to keep Freddy here and get him treated. Shiv says either we underestimated Vyom, he is way ahead than us or maybe he isn’t at fault!

Rajan asks Vyom why he doesn’t understand. I cannot bear it if anything happens to you or Madhvi. Vyom says if Freddy was in hospital then he would have gained his mental balance any day. He would have told everyone everything! He would be in front of us if he stays here. I have learnt it from you only. Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Rajan says I love you and you know that. You are my life and your mom is the reason of my living this life. Rajan Bedi is alive till Madhvi is alive. If I find out that Madhvi was intentionally made to fall from the stairs by someone then Rajan Bedi wont waste even 2 seconds in finishing him, whosoever he is! Vyom tells him it was he who threw mom off stairs. Rajan glares at him. Vyom asks him if he doubts his son. There are only 3 people in my life – you, mom and Sharanya. Mom never believed me and you too agreed to it today. How can you even think of it? I was going to give medicine to mom. Dint you see how she hides her medicines everywhere. I was going to give her that only. Very disappointed dad! I am completely alone now. I will kill my mother? Can a son kill a mother who gave birth to him? Flashback of that incident is shown. Rajan leaves the room. Vyom wipes his fake tears and listens to music. I wasted so many tears! All the characters of the story are imaginary. Some are with me while some are not with me. All those against me will die!

Sharanya is sure they are on the right path. The one who changes his words quickly cannot be right. I am sure he is the mastermind behind everything. What do you think? She keeps asking Shiv what he is thinking but he is all quiet. Do you fight with words? He smiles recalling the incident when she had said it to him in the past. Sharanya apologizes to Shiv. I accept I was wrong. Thank you for taking my side in front of Professor. You can be courteous and say welcome or something in return. Say something. Shiv keeps his focus on his bicycle. She asks him if he is still upset. I saw your eyes. You were crying. Please forgive me. Shiv replies that her eyes have gone wrong. I dint feel bad. Who are you to make me feel bad? I went to give exam. I gave it and left. Leave if you are done. She is shocked by his rudeness. He says I don’t like the girls who don’t use their brains. You did what Vyom said and now you came here to apologize maybe because he said so. Are you dumb? She tells him she does everything on her own. He begins to go but she stops him. I also don’t like the guys who leave without saying anything. You are a bull of 6 feet 4 inch. She walks away upset. He smiles and picks up the fallen piece. Flashback ends.

Another flashback shows Sharanya telling Vyom he is as tall as Eiffel tower but he ended up breaking her scale. He was showing me attitude! Vyom tries to go to show him his place but she points out that he is way taller than him. Vyom says my height isn’t less but I am well suited at this height to look at you. She asks him to come calling him Mike Tyson. He (Shiv) would have been normal if he had some feelings. She stops to look at Shiv who also turns to look at her just then. She flashes an angry smile and heads inside. Shiv smiles again. Flashback ends.

Sharanya says you would have been normal if you had some feelings. Vyom says feelings?

Chandni wonders till when this nonsense will go on. Everyone is trying to find the killer of the one who is long dead! Vidyut is missing from the house since so many days but no one cares about him. There is no discussion about him. I don’t think his existence bothers anyone here. Vyom only thinks about Sharanya. Do you remember what he said that day? Rati agrees she is right. What Vidyut did was also wrong though. Vyom is Sharanya’s husband. He is right to be upset with Vidyut. Chandni points out that she is supporting others instead of her husband when he is missing. Rati points out that it was a forced relation after all. Chandni says you were an ordinary secretary before marriage. You got pregnant which is why he married you. He supported you right or who marries an ordinary secretary?

Shiv leans closer to Sharanya. Your timing to go in flashback is very bad. Handle him now. Vyom asks Sharanya why she spoke of his feelings. Sharanya says I was thinking you understand my feelings so well. I was thinking about Freddy’s condition only and you decided to let him stay here. Vyom says they had to keep him here. He is in this condition because of us only. Plus he has to tell us about Ram uncle’s murderer too! She looks at him.

Chandni asks Rati if she really feels Vidyut left her. He could have divorced you instead. He left his everything behind! This isn’t true. It was only Sharanya and Vidyut in godown that day. Sharanya escaped but Vidyut is missing since that day. She blamed him and everyone agreed instantly without trying to know the truth. Everyone has turned a blind eye but you should wake up. Maybe she knows something about him. Maybe she did something to him?

Sharanya comes to meet Madhvi. I can understand it isn’t right to talk to you about this but you know how important it is for me to know what you wanted to tell me. Please tell me. I know how difficult it would be for you to go against your family especially Vyom. I tried a lot to find out about my past and Shiv but something goes wrong whenever I reach closer to my truth. I must know what you know. What were you going to tell me that day? Please say something. Trust me. It is right to support truth always even if that distances us from our loved ones. Madhvi says you are so worried for me for no reason. I am telling you I am fine. Sharanya looks at her in confusion. Madhvi again tells her to leave. Stop acting like tv heroine. Show your fake concern to someone else. Sharanya fails in understanding her hint. Madhvi throws the glass away. Sharanya bends down to pick the broken pieces of glass. Shiv gets upset seeing Madhvi trying to hurt Sharanya again. Sharanya tells him to stop. There is a camera in the room. Vyom is watching / listening to everything. Who is she speaking to? There is no one in the room. He removes the headset.


Freddy shouts murderer. Sharanya asks him who the killer is. Freddy points his finger at someone. Sharanya asks him if he wants to say that Vyom is the killer.


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