Ikyavan 08 January 2018 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 08th January 2018 Written Update, Ikyawan Written Episode Full Update, Ikyawann 08 January 2018 Written Update

Today’s (08.01.2018) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Susheel’s father tells Saty to come out as he has to talk to her. he tells him that he should have called them when Susheel met with accident as they were worried for Susheel. her phone was also not reachbale.

Senior Parekh says don’t shout on him, he took you daughter to the doctor, Satya says Mehul is right as i should have called, but the ambulance took time so i had to rush to the doctor on bike. mehul thanks him, Satya says let me meet Susheel once.

Satya walks to Susheel’s room while Susheel is telling her Mamu how she helped a girl from accident while satya was telling her something important, but she could hear it as she had to save the girl. Satya comes to meet her in room, mamu and Sushee;’s brother leave the room to let them talk. Susheel does not hear the conversation and still blames himself for Susheel’s accident.

Satya looks at her and thinks she is so sad because of me, he asks her you are crying? She says i wnated to gift something to my folks. I don’t have much, but whatever i could manage. He consoles her and tells her to get well soon.

At satya’s home, leela flops Sejal’s plan as she makes food for everyone. She hides the spoon. Sejal decides to give it back to leela, she says lets eat with chop sticks, Leela says you want to make us eat or beat us with sticks, she says let me get it. Susheel tells dadi he is going to out, leela asks im where are you going, to meet you friend who met with accident? how is he? Saty is tensed. kaali smiles as satya lies to dadi for Susheel’s sake, Sejal comes with chop sticks and says dadi dande Khane Ke liye, Leela frowns.

Jignesh says Satya i knew you were going to meet Susheel. kaali overhears this and says m glad Stay cares for Susheel. he takes his piggy bank for her and shows Jignesh. he says i love Susheel a lot, Jignesh is shocked. kaali is happy and goes. satya slaps Jignesh, and says now hear i don’t love her, i just want to make her fell good, i just wnat to avod the drama in case she happens to tell about our challenge to my mother, her family and my family will have all the drama, now do you get it.

Susheel in in her room when some one bangs the window, she opens it to find Satya. She asks why have you come so late in night, he give her vanilla ice cram and teases her by limping like her, he says i have a surprise for you but firt have ice cream, you will get surprise too. (titliyaan song plays).

He gives her a cheque and says that you can now gift you dada and phi the phone, she says how doid you get money, he lies that he won cycle competition by becoming girl, She says i can’t take the money as it is cheating money and the girl who came second deserves it. he says to keep it, she says you can keep it, he gets closer to her and says please keep romantically, she says no, she is dreaming while Satya in reality bangs the window and surprised when Suhseel says no to open the door.

Susheel opens the door and satya’s face hurts with the window pane, she says you at time time, if someone sees, what will happen, she give shim hands to come inside and hurts her legs, he says be careful, he holds her hands and takes her to bed, she looks at him as she is shy. They are walking, his foor goes on her foot and she is hurt again, they fall togrther on nbed and are lost into each others eyes, they have a moment together.



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