Ikyavan 15 January 2018 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 15th January 2018 Written Update, Ikyawan Written Episode, Ikyawann 15 January 2018 Written Update

Today’s (15.01.2018) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with

Mehul tells Leela that Satya and her daughter are friends. Leela tells Mehul that he got remarried after her wife’s death. Mehul says no she is her first and only daughter of her wife Avni. Leela is shocked learning this and she recalls the day when she killed Susheel. Leela says he never thought about her daughter Kiran and what does he wants to talk about Satya and his daughter. Meanwhile, Kiran comes out of her room. Jhano shouts her mouth and takes her inside. Mehul says sorry for his mistake. Mehul says her daughter Susheel and his son Satya love each other. Leela gets furious listening Susheel. She says that tall girl and you are her father. Mehul says yes. Mehul says he thought to talk to her once about them. Mehul says they must give them one chance and Kali agrees saying that she knows Satya and Susheel like each other. Kali tells her about the accident where she met Mehul. He says that both Susheel and Satya don’t know about the past. Mehul says he did not have the courage to face Leela again but he came here for Susheel’s happiness. Mehul asks her to think and take the decision or else he will explain Susheel. Meanwhile, Susheel gets the cheque for her song. Susheel gets the cheque and she decides to meet Satya. Susheel calls him while Satya says he is busy. Susheel asks him to call her when he gets free. Besides, Vijay is furious that he loved Mehul’s daughter. Besides, Kali says that she knows Satya loves Susheel. On the other hand, Kiran runs to the gallery and says she will play. She takes the cow dung in her hand and she looks Mehul there


Mehul is standing for auto. Jhano looks at Mehul and gets worried. Kiran is happy looking at Mehul and she runs down. Leela looks at Kiran. Leela runs to stop her and they both fall. Kiran says he has come back to meet her and she runs out. Leela is furious. Kali and Gulabo handle Kiran. Leela gets furious looking at Jhano and she calls her inside. Meanwhile, Susheel gets into the lift while Satya is in the same lift flirting with a girl. Susheel hears his voice and looks at Satya. Susheel asks him about why he lied to her. Satya says he did not lie as dadi has sent him for meeting here. Satya and Susheel get stuck in the lift. Sejal asks Gulabo and Kali to talk to Leela once. Gulabo asks Kali to meet Leela once and talk about her son. Meanwhile, Leela recalls everything and puts the cow dung on herself. Meanwhile, Kali comes there and hears Leela’s conversation. Leela says the girl was roaming around her and she never came to know that she was the girl she assumed to be killed by Jhanoo’s help


Satya and Susheel share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Leela says that she will make Mehul’s daughter suffer.

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