Ishq Ka Rang Safed 08 October 2015 Written Episode, IKRS Written Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed Written Update (WU) 08th October 2015, IKRS Latest Story

Today’s (08.10.2015) Colors serial Ishq Ka Rang Safed episode starts withViplav asking Dhaani, if she saw his shirt. Dhaani is washing clothes and stares him. Viplav asks her why she is staring him and using his own soap. Dhaani says she is washing his clothes with his soap. Viplav asks what is the matter? You have served me breakfast and now washing my clothes. He looks at his tshirt and says it was gifted by Dadi. He says you made it shrink. Dhaani apologizes. Viplav throws soapy bubbles on her and smiles looking at her. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………

Dasharath tells Sushma that he didn’t want to bring Durga home, but gave her shelter as her house was burnt. He says the moment you understand me, you will support me. He tells Kanak that it will be good for her if she understands. Tripurari comes. Kanak calls him son of the house. Tripurari tells Dasharath that his mum is calling him. Kanak says Dasharath is busy as his wife has just gave him milk to drink.

Viplav talks to Dadi, and tells I was drying the clothes. Dadi asks him to meet in the Krishna temple. Viplav agrees. Tripurari comes to Durga and tells Dasharath is busy drinking milk as it is more important than you. Dasharath comes then and asks tripurari why you said that. Durga greets him. Tripurari apologizes and says I have a misunderstanding. Dasharath says that home is because of me. He tells Durga that he will take care of her.

Tulsi talks on phone and tells she will give the keys to her in the temple. Just then Dhaani enters the room and calls her name. Tulsi makes the glass fall on the floor intentionally, to divert Dhaani’s mind. She starts acting and cries saying she wanted to commit suicide, but it is wrong. She says I want to embrace widow customs like you, and want to give my husband’s last thing (gold coin) to God, to start a new life. She asks her to take her to temple. Dhaani agrees and asks her to drink Kada first.

Viplav comes to the temple and prays. Dadi sees him and gets happy. Viplav says lets sit and talk. Dhaani and Tulsi comes to the same temple. Dhaani says she will come. Viplav tells Dadi that Dhaani troubles him a lot. He says even though Dhaani is 20 years old, but talks as if she is 60 years old. Dhaani comes out of temple and sees Pandit. Tulsi comes inside the temple and stares the gold ornaments worn by the God’s idol. She takes the photos and says beautiful. Other Pandit asks what you are doing here. Tulsi signs him that she is deaf and dumb. Pandit asks her to sit outside, and says temple will be closed now. Pandit tells Dhaani that he wants to see her beauty from closeness. He holds her hand and talks badly.

Viplav tells he is feeling bad for Shalu, but he has to change Ashram ladies thinking. He says he has to win the court case, and make Dhaani’s anger go. He says I can’t come till then. Pandit tells I came to know that you are doing business. Dhaani frees her hands and runs towards Ashram cryingly. Viplav waves bye to Dadi, but doesn’t see Dhaani going. Other Pandit closes the temple door and keeps the key hanging in his clothes. Tulsi takes the keys from his clothes very cleverly, and takes its impression on the soap. She then returns the keys to Pandit. Pandit thanks her for stopping a crime to happen.

Viplav hears Dhaani crying and asks what happened? Dhaani tells her that Pandit Phoolchand called me characterless, and bad words. She says I ran from there, else I would have died because of shame. She asks why did you saved me that day? People are calling me characterless because of you. Viplav asks her not to say anything. Dhaani says I would have died that day. Viplav asks her to be silent else……Dhaani says nothing is left now.

Tulsi shows the key impression on soap, and says this is a key which will give us treasure. She shows the plan for theft, and says they will steal tomorrow. She says she has to reach Ashram before Dhaani.

Viplav asks Dhaani to give a fitting reply to Phool Chand, and says if you stay silent then you will proved wrong. Dhaani says I am not wrong. Viplav says you gets strength to fight with me, but you stays silent when others insult you. He says you should have beat Phool chand with chappals, and says until you will get scared with him, he will scare you. He asks her to show him that she is not scared, and asks her to show him that she is not weak and wrong. He says truth and God is with you. If anyone ask you one question, then slap him with two answers. Dhaani gets up and goes. Viplav follows her.

Dhaani comes back to temple and forwards her hand to take prasad. Phool chand says it seems your heart is not done yet with the insult. You came here to get respect off from you. Dhaani says God is mine also, and have right on his prasad. Phool Chand says you are arguing with me. He insults her. Dhaani says it is enough Phool Chand. I will not get scared with you. She asks him to have shame and says God knows who is right and who is wrong. She says my blood is very sacred and will always be. Pandit says she is a sinner, characterless, and tries to slap her. Viplav comes and holds his hand stopping him. He says you have become a big Pandit, but doesn’t have shame raising his hand on a woman. Other man asks you are the one whose photos was published in the newspaper. Dhaani says lawyer had saved my life that day, and asks him not to mistaken them. Viplav is surprised and says he will call her Banaras ki Dhaani.

Tulsi calls her gang members and tells they will do the stealing tomorrow. She forwards her plan’s pic to her gang. Dhaani comes and sees gold in her bag.

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