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Ishq Mein Marjawan 03 August 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 03rd August 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (03.08.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Deep follows Aarohi, Aarohi hides near a temple.

Tara gets Aarohi and Deep’s pictures, her spy tells her that Deep was holding her hand, she she starts acting crazily, she takes the spy’s hand and asks him how did Deep hold Tara’s hand. He tells Tara that he told her whatever he saw and leaves because of her weird behavior. Tara gets violent, she starts shouting that she hates cheaters, she says that Deep gave her medicines to become normal like Aarohi, but she can’t bear cheaters she is still Tara . She acts violently and takes a knife and says that now she will see a murder after a long time.

Deep hits his goons and asks them how could they let her go.He tells them that they have only 24 hours to find her otherwise he will see what to do with them.

Tara speaks crazily and says that everyone saw her madness, her cruelty but nobody sees her pain, she sacrificed her entire family and also gave up her identity for Deep’s love and still she isn’t getting it. She screams out loud that there is someone else who is Deep’s lover.She cuts her hand, her hand starts bleeding.She throws Deep’s pictures everywhere, the pictures get blood stains on them. Deep comes home and sees Tara with the pictures and blood on them. He asks Tara if its a color or blood, Tar aacts like Aarohi and tells him that she has changed. She tells him that she was just decorating his room with pictures, Deep laughs and asks her why has she put such a color on the pictures, she hugs Deep and starts talking to him sweetly but then suddenly she hits Deep with the knife and keeps asking him why did he cheat on her…..It is shown that all of this is Tara’s imagination.

Deep comes home, Tara hears his car, and hides the knife under the pillow.

Aarohi somehow reaches home, Chawanni asks her what happened, Aarohi tells him all that happened.Suddenly she realizes that she left Anjali’s purse there, and now she doesn’t have the pass book etc. Chawanni says we can make a new check book with the help of the pancard.Aarohi says Chawanni is a genius, she says that now she has to go to Anjali’s place again. Aarohi feels giddy and goes to the washroom, she sees blood, she worries about her child. Aarohi gets  a call from her doctor,the doctor wants to tell her something important.

Tara hugs Deep, Deep asks Tara why she is so much in love him again.Tara she has always loved him. She takes him to their bedroom. Deep tells Tara that he wants to tell her something, she hugs Deep and takes out the knife from under the pillow , she is about to hit him,but till then he tells about the girl to Tara and tells her that she is very rich and we can use her for getting money. He tells Tara that he followed her for so long but now he has found out that she is very rich, he tells Tara that from now on they have to work like a team as always. Tara throws away the knife and feels happy she hugs him tightly, she hugs Deep, Deep hugs her back and thinks that he knew what Tara was thinking and she was about to kill him,he thinks that he lives with such a mad woman but still he is alive because he is smarter than her and he is very wise. Deep smirks while thinking all this. He then tells Tara to get tea as he is very tires, Tara goes happily.

Deep gets  a call from the kidnapper, the kidnapper tells him that he got info on the girl’s whereabouts.

The doctor informs Aarohi that she has a very low HB, she asks the doctor if this will affect the baby negatively. The doctor asks Arohi before we start with the preventive treatment she needs to know the child’d father’s blood group. Aarohi remembers an incident in the past when she had got a deep cut and she had to go to the hospital to dress the cut, that time Deep had asked the doctor if he should donate his blood to Arohi and that time he had said that his blood group is A+. Aarohi tells the doctor, then the doctor says that she has to bring him to the clinic for tests only then they can start with the treatment.

Somehow Deep comes to the same hospital at the same time when Arohi is inside talking to the doctor. Aarohi tells the doctor that Deep own’t be able to come, the doctor then prescribes her some other medicine. She goes out of the room, Virat comes there he asks her whys he hid all these things from him and he shoots her with a gun.

PRECAP : 6/03/2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan – Aarohi points his gun at Deep and says now she is giving him an open challenge, she will take a good revenge this time,Deep says she hasn’t even understood the game yet…..


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