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Ishq Mein Marjawan 06 October 2017 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 06th October 2017 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 06 October 2017 Written Update

Today’s (06.10.2017) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode featuring Deep (Arjun Bijalni) and Arohi (Alisha Panwar) starts with Arohi telsl Deep i had never thought that some one would tkae so much care of me, she leans on his chest with love, Deepa says, take care or you will be charged of my murder, Arohi loos at him, he says if you would have leaned on my chest for longer then i would have died and smailes. He says good night and leaves, Arohi is happy.

He walks out of the room and gets into a secret room behind a wall of books by entering the secret code on the machine. He goes goes and hugs Tara from behind, Tara says you are very laterm i thought you would do your suhaagrat with Arohi and come in morning, after all i am your five year old wife and she is new wife, he says you don’t trust me, no one can come to share our love, Tara says i won’t let them, he says now relax and don’t think of Arohi, i have put her in a small room and trapped her there, she hasn’t protested and accepted. Tara says she didn’t protest and she is still in love with Vishal. Flashback is shown where Tara says how she killed Vishal by being with him on the bridge while Arohi was waiting for him. He says till the end he thought i was Arohi.

She says but i am frustrated to think of Arohi as your wife, lets send her to the same place as her lover Arohi. Deep says no more murder, the poilce might have closed the case, but inspector Vishal is very smart, he will not leave the case, she says we can kill Lakshya. He says no more drink for you and you should rest. He says Arohi is our trump card, we have to use her to our benefit, first i have to maker her lfall in love with him and forget Vishal, Tara says let me kill her now only the, he says clam down, a smart player knows when to throw his cards.

Tara goes into Arohis room while Arohi is sleeping and sits next to her staring at her. She has a knife in her hand. Deep wakes up and realizes Tara is not sleeping next to him and wonders where is she gones, Tara comes back to her secret room, She says i felt like i am seeing mirror, i was scared, it looked like i saw a ghost, Deep says what have you done to Arohi, have you…? She says relax, you have always saved me, how will i put you in problem, i went to see my look alike, she was nicely sleeping unaware of the problems, she says it too late, lets sleep.

Deep says Tara i don’t understand why did you go to Arohi’s room, if she would have seen you, then our plan would have ended before starting, he says we have only one chance to save ourselves, Tara goes to sleep, Deep says her beautiful mind thinks what not…

Arohi wakes up to a phone ringing and wonders who phone it is. Deep is putting his pants and Arohi covers her eyes and says i am sorry, i should have knocked, he gets dressed and asks to open her eyes, he askks did you lilke the phone, she says its really nice, he tells her to come for breakfast in the lawn.

Arohi comes in the lawn and sees the breakfast table, Deep asks what would you like to eat, Arohis ays it my first day here today and this is all so stranger like to me, he says don’t worry you will get used to it, have fruits, he says this is your favorite tea with milk and sugar, Arohi asks how do you know. She says i don’t know much about you, but you are very good at heart. He asks where did i see you, she says at the restaurant where i spilled food on you, he says i saw you first at mall road and was following you, he says it was love at first sight (he meant i wanted the face i was looking for, i came across it). He reminds her how they kept on meeting each other with co incidence, and now we are together, she says but how do you know that i like such kind of tea. He says when no one was at your place i put CC TV camera at you place, he collects Arohi ralking to Vishal while he was seeing the CC TV footage. Arohi says What!!! He says your very serious, i am joking, he says at least i could see you smile, he says this is your first smile in raichand Mansion, he says i just guessed you tea preference, i also drink just like that, this is common between us. She says soon we will find out what else is common. Deep has look on paper lying on table which has Vishal’s photo/article on the front page. he says on  no, if Arohi sees this article then all my plan will be ruined. Aarohi is about to pick up the paper…


Arohi’s sister is showing the book wall which hides Tara’s secret room to Arohi, Arohi says wow and looks at book. She drops a book and finds the security check machine, while Deep is seeing her from a hole from the other side.

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