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Ishq Mein Marjawan 12 May 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Tu Aashiqui-Ishq Mein Marjawan Maha Sangam Written Episode

Today’s (12.05.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Arohi shoots Deep and Deep falls down, Arohi feels like she should go and help him but she says that her revenge is now complete and leaves.

Pankti sees a person wearing a weird mask she calls out to Ahaan she doesn’t see him,Pankti wakes up she had a nightmare.

Pankti says I hope this dream never ends.Ahaan smiles at her.Ahaan and Pankti have a nice time in the cab in London.

Virat and Prithvi make Roma confess that she has killed Vedika and trickily Virat records it on the phone.Roma also confesses that she has killed several people and she has played a great business woman in erecting this empire. Virat has already called the police who hear this and with the recording she gets arrested. Roma shouts at Virat and Prithvi and says that this small recording will never prove anything and leaves with the police.Virat and Prithvi close the doors on her face,Dilip smiles he is happy.

Aarohi remembers how she killed Deep.She thinks she started off as a simple innocent girl but now I have also become a stone hearted monster. She remembers how Deep ruined her life with his sweet words and sweet gestures. She cries and says I loved you Deep,I was true with my heart but you destroyed everything ,you killed my brother bhabhi and you played with my emotions just for Tara who herself is a psychologically unstable person. Aarohi says that she has completed the revenge and now she will go to India. Till then someone steals her purse that has her passport.

Reyansh sees Arohi and he goes towards her.He tells her that he is Reyansh, and she can call him whenever she needs help.

Pankti and Ahaan are having fun. Pankti gets a call from Aarohi and Arohi tells them that her passport is missing.Ahaan says that he knows the high commissioner there so he will manage,he asks her to meet him and says we will go to the high commission office.Aarohi thanks them.

Arohi gets a call from Tara,she asks him where is Deep,Arohi says as it is you don’ love him then you don’t need to be so worried about him. Tara says that now she will make sure that Aarohi won’t go back to India, Aarohi says she will fail in her plans. Tara says no look around you,Aarohi understands that there are so many people following her.But finally she bumps into Pankti ,she feels very happy and she hugs Pankti. Ahaan goes and distracts the goon,Pankti and Arohi run away.

Kaira joins Rhythm ,Monty is impressed with her work profile but he asks her I wonder what you did in JD’s company as we all know that JD is like a dictator he doesn’t let anyone do anything.Kaira says yes,so treat me like a new comer. Monty is impressed,he asks Kaira if she feels she is betraying JMD, Kaira says no she was dedicated when she was working there but now she wants to move out and explore which is not treachery. Monty hires her for the job.Poorva calls Monty,he doesn’t pickup,the assistant says that he is busy in an interview.

Ahaan gives Aarohi all the documents, Pankti asks Arohi what next?Now what are you going to do?Arohi says now I will take Chawanni and Niku somewhere and leave this place forever.Before leaving Aarohi tips both Ahaan and Pankti that she met Reyansh and she found him weird,she asks them to be careful. Ahaan and Pankti joke around,Ahaan jokes about the British accent and their taxis.

Monty begs Poorva to forgive him,she takes Anita in front of him.Monty has closed his eyes and he is apologizing to her,he opens his eyes only to find Anita in front of him.Anita says I have heard you have proposed Poorva but for marrying her you need my permission.Monty stammers. Anita says I will let you marry her only on one condition,Monty asks what?Anita says that I want Pankti and Poorva to marry on the same day.

Ahaan and Pankti meet Reyansh,he acts very cool and loving towards them He tells them about what all arrangements he has made for the both of them and leaves. Pankti asks Ahaan what you think about Reyansh and Aarohi’s opinion about him?Ahaan says I feel he is very genuine,Pankti says he looks too good and too genuine to be true.Pankti’s purse gets stolen,Ahaan and Pankti try to catch the person but they fail.Reyansh catches him and gets back the purse.He says he can’t let his rockstar and nightingale suffer as they are his responsibility.He acts very heroic and leaves .Ahaan is impressed,Pankti looks doubtfully.

Tara calls Aarohi ,Arohi says you failed in taking my passport.She tells Tara that now I will frame you in Deep’s murder case ,she says she has she has left several evidences that will lead the police to Tara.Aarohi gives Tara the video where Aarohi has killed him.Tara screams in sadness,she hears police sirens.

PRECAP:14 May 2018 Tu Aashiqui- Pankti is sleeping,she hears JD’s voice calling her as babu.
Ishq Mein Marjawan- Arohi sees her wedding album,Roma and Virat say the real player of the game is still alive,Aarohi sees someone’s shadow coming towards her…




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