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Ishq Mein Marjawan 15 June 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (15.06.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Deep tells Aarohi that tomorrow court will punish Tara. He tells her that then she will be freed. Aarohi says she will never be free because Tara will et punished but she will be called as Aarohi.Aarohi says she has lost her people and her identity. Deep says a lot of people lose their identity and I am one of them.

At the hearing, Chawanni and Virat are called as witnesses. Danny says our case is strong we have a lot of witnesses. Virat and Chawanni speak against Tara. Deep is called in the witness box. Deep says that this girl attacked his wife several time and he tells the judge that she also put rdx in the house ,everyone could have dies in the blast but thankfully he removed the bomb. Danny says this criminal is dangerous for the society, he demands capital punishment for Tara. The judge declares that Aarohi will be hanged till death (Tara) . Tara is shocked to hear the decision. Deep thinks that now it feels like a big weight has been taken away now finally Arohi will be safe.

Tara gets violent she takes a police officer’s gun and points at Arohi and screams taht she took everything away. Virat tells the police force to take cover, everyone in the court hides under the chairs. Deep takes a gun and points towards Tara,he stands in front of Aarohi. Tara tells him to move away and takes a lady and holds her at the gunpoint.She tells Deep that she can very well kill her, the lady’s son

Deep faints. Aarohi is worried.She tries to wake him up but he is unconscious. At home, Deep is still hearing the trauma , he hears his mom. Aarohi tries to hold him,he pushes her away and tells her not to touch him. Deep cries and screams he tells the doctor that there was a lady she was calling be beta.

Virat pulls Aarohi out of the room and asks her if she has gone mad.He tells her if she keeps motivating Deep to remember his past then all of them will be in trouble. Aarohi says  know and makes up by saying that for their safety they need to now how much Deep has recalled.Virat agrees.

The doctor tells Prithvi to keep giving medicines ti Deep or else he might go mad as well.

Deep is suffering with the trauma recall, he hears his mom’s voice and sees blood in his room. He follows the blood and sees a gun.The lady calls him beta and requests not to kill him. Arohi Virat and Prithvi hear Deep scream,they go to the room.Deep imagined the blood, Aarohi sees him banging his head onto the wall. She tries to calm him down,Deep asks Aarohi if she knows who is the lady,Aarohi says no so he pushes her away. Aarohi tells Virat and Prithvi that she will handle Deep she tells them to go away.

Deep gts violent he keeps asking Aarohi who the lady is,Aarohi tries to calm him down.Deep accidentally hurts Aarohi,Danny enters the room and locks Deep inside. He takes Aarohi to the living room and says she should not talk him right now as he can harm her.Aarohi says she doesn’t care about herself,Deep should be fine that’s it. Danny says he will be fine.

Aarohi says she needs to do something before Virata and Prithvi try to stop him from remembering things. Aarohi tells Danny that she feels scared that Deep is looking so weak.

Prithvi and Virat say that they need to keep a watch on Tara (Arohi) as she might a take a wrong step in Deep’s love. Arohi tells Danny that she has a plan.

PRECAP: Ishq Mein Marjawan 16.06.2018 – Arohi learns that Deep might lose his mental balance if he takes too much of stress recalling things, Danny promises Aarohi that he will come back only when he finds out Deep’s past.


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