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Ishq Mein Marjawan 16 June 2018 Written Update

Colors TV Ishq Mein Marjawan 16 June 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 16th June 2018 Written Episode

Arohi and Danny go to meet Tara in jail.Danny takes permission from the inspector and Aarohi goes inside the jail. Arohi asks Tara about Deep’s past and tells her that she will free Tara. Tara tells Aarohi thats he will tell Aarohi everything only if she comes closer to her,Aarohi goes closer,Tara bites her. Danny calls the havaldar to free Aarohi.

Danny scolds Arohi for making a wrong move and trying to talk to Tara.Aarohi says she can do anything for Deep. Danny says you love Deep so much,my help for you and my friendship was all acting till yesterday but I promise you that now I will come in front of you only when I get information about Deep’s past. Danny leaves.

Aarohi goes home,and looks at the injury in the mirror. Deep comes from behind and shouts at her. He says she did not need to go to Tara as she is dangerous. Deep shouts loudly at Aarohi, Virat and Prithvi come to the room.Virat shouts at Deep for misbehaving with his sister. Deep tells him that his sister has gone mad she went to see Arohi in jail. Virat scolds Aarohi. Aarohi says she threatened me at the court and she being Tara Raichand doesn’t like being threatened so she wanted to take revenge. Virat says don’t be mad and tells her to not do it again. Deep leaves the room.Aarohi’s wounds are hurting.

Roma is back home.Aarohi sees Roma. Deep asks her about his childhood, Roma talks about him being very mischievous. Aarohi and Virat ask Roma how she came back and how she got all okay, Roma says Deep got her home and she doesn’t remember anything she is all okay. Virat says she has lost her memory,Roma taunts Deep that Deep has lost his memory she remembers everything. Prithvi tells Virat that this is the new idea,we keep telling Deep that he has lost his memory,he is not okay.

Virat and Prithvi take Deep to have drinks.They compete ,Deep wins the competition. Virat purposely shows him childhood pictures and talks about their trips and all the fun. Deep gives a confused look and says he doesn’t remember this. Virat and Prithvi create a fuss and show Deep that its odd how he doesn’t remember anything. Deep feels frustrated and drinks more shots, he starts losing his balance. Virat and Prithvi take him to the room and tell Aarohi to take care of him as he drank too much. Aarohi thinks they have purposely given him too many drinks.

Deep again gets the nightmare. A lady screams, Aarohi asks him who is the lady,she says he doesn’t have to fight his problems all alone she is with him. Deep says he is not able to see anything he just hears voices and has a terrible headache. Aarohi feels worried.

Aarohi calls the doctor and tells him that Deep is having the same attack again. The doctor says this is bad,Deep can remember the past or he can even lose his mental balance because of the excessive strees on brain. He tells Aarohi to give the pills so that he goes back to sleep. Aarohi cries and says she won’t let anything happen to Deep

PRECAP : 18/06/2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan – Aarohi takes Deep to a tantrik for hypnosis. During the hypnosis session, he sees that he is in Rajasthan.


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