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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th October 2020 Written Update: Riddhima gets to see shocking truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th October 2020 Written Episode

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (IMMJ2) on Colors TV. Vansh questions Riddhima over sending a note to Ragini’s truth. She knows that someone is trying to create problems between them by purposely and defends herself.

Aryan is hiding in the room and keeps an eye on them. He gets to know of Ridhhima’s doubts on him. Riddhima thinks Aryan in behind sending this note. Aryan tells to himself that she is smart enough to get it right. He recollects how he didn’t shoot Riddhima and kill her.

Riddhima does not the entire footage of Ragini’s murder as Vansh has interrupted her. Riddhima is sure that Aryan is Ragini’s murderer. She realizes that Aryan was the third person who killed Ragini after Vansh had threatened Ragini. Aryan gets to hear this and thinks its better to kill Riddhima to stop her from exposing him. Ridhhima thinks to get proofs against Aryan. Aryan gets to know of her plans. She decides to find out about the person sending notes to Vansh. She does not want to make Vansh angry and lose his trust.

At the same time, Anupriya is also fed up of Riddhima lying to to Kabir. She asks Kabir to kill Riddhima as she thinks that Riddhima has no right to live after such a big mistake. Kabir also thinks that Riddhima deserves to die. He wants to destroy Kabir at any cost.

Kabir tells Anupriya wants to get a proof against Vansh before killing Riddhima. He doubts that she has seen Vansh as the killer and is now saving him. He calls to Riddhima to play  mind game with her. He tells her that he has seen a scary nightmare where she is dead. He tells her that he cannot see her in any danger. He tries to get some update from Riddhima.

Riddhima tells Kabir that her life is really in danger as she got attacked many times. She tells him about the footage she got about Ragini’s murder and how she has seen Vansh in the footage. He tells her to send the footage to him. Riddhima tells him that not Vansh but Aryan could be the real murderer of Ragini. She tells him that Aryan recorded the footage to frame Vansh. Kabir gets angry seeing her defend Vansh. He informs tells Anupriya that Riddhima got the footage against Vansh. He tells that they can still use the footage even if Vansh isn’t the murderer.

Vansh wants to get the proofs from Riddhima while Aryan plans to kill Riddhima. He takes Chanchal’s help. Kabir convinces Riddhima to send him the footage so that he can help her in proving Vansh innocent. She gets into his trap as she wants to get justice for Ragini and prove that Vansh is innocent.

Vansh gets an urgent call and he leaves the house. Riddhima thinks to use the opportunity and give the footage to Kabir. She gets out of then house and gets attacked by Aryan and Chanchal. Aryan kidnaps Riddhima. He spots Vansh and puts Riddhima in the car trunk.

Vansh misses to see Riddhima and takes the same car that Riddhima is hidden inside. Vansh reaches some godown. Riddhima gains consciousness and follows him to keep an eye on him. She gets a big shock to see Vansh with Ragini. She is shocked to find out that Ragini is alive. She finds out Vansh has saved Ragini that day from the attacker and has been secretly taking care of her since then.

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