Home TV Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Color serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawa Written Update

Today’s (27.07.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Aarohi is lying unconscious ,she wakes up in Sudha’s house. Sudha tells he that she fainted on the road,she brought her home. She tells Arohi that there was a weird man standing behin her,she shouted loudly for help and the man ran away. Arohi thinks maybe the message was sent to get her out of the house and harm her. Sudha scolds her for going out of the house without telling her . Arohi tells Sudha that she is very grateful for her help, Sudha says she more grateful as she is the one who got her out of the asylum as she didn’t deserve to stay there. Arohi gets a phone call from the person who had come to meet her.It’s the same girl who looks like Arohi, Aarohi tells her that she got attacked, the girl says she shouldn’t have told anyone that she is going out of the house, that;s why the guy came and attacked her.Arohi thinks she didn’t tell anyone,then she remembers that she had told Sudha.

Tara calls Virat, Virat is happy thinking it;s Arohi. Tara tells Virat that she is glad that he has changed and asks him to meet her in an hour ,she tells Virat that she has some info that might help him.

Aarohi doubts Sudha,while having lunvh ,Arohi asks her if she went to the bazaar when she went out.Aarohi asks Sudha why didn’t she tell her to get the things that she wanted in kitchen. Sudha says she went from the long cut .She says good she found her somehow.She thanks Mata raani.Aarohi asks Sudha if she told anyone that Aarohi is going near the park. Susha says no. Aarohi tells Sudha that she got a letter and someone wants to meet her to tell her about the entire confusion.Sudha tells her to be safe. Aarohi thinks that she needs to find out if Sudha is a friend or an enemy.Sudha leave sto give her brother tiffin in the factory, Aarohi decides to follow her. While walking Sudha notices that some one is following her,it’s Aarohi. Sudha gets conscious,Arohi wonders why Sudha is acting so conscious.Aarohi recahes the factory where Sudha goes to give tiffin, she sees Deep. Sudha tells Deep that she is with her only and she doesn’t know anything about the truth. Deep feels someone is hearing their convo,Arohi feels betrayed she runs but she faints. Aarohi lands up in the hospital.

The doctor is the same one who was working in the asylum,Arohi requests the doctor to not send her to the asylum.The doctor says that she has left her job as they were behaving unethically she assures Aarohi that she can feel safe here. She gives Aarohi money and medicines also. Aarohi remembers a moment she had with Deep.

Aarohi takes an auto, she leaves the hospital.She sees Virat.Tara comes to meet Virat Aarohi realises that Virat also doesn’t know that she is not Aarohi but Tara.Virat tells Tara that is he is able to find and arrest Tara then he will win back all the respect and everything back.Tara tells Virat that she felt like she should help in finding Tara,she tells Virat that there is a girl who can help us in finding Tara.Tara gives Virat Aarohi’s picture. Virat asks her how does she know that this girl will know where Taraa is, Tara says that this girl is Tara’s partner.Virat tells Tara that he will find this girl. He thanks her. Tara is very happy.Aarohi wonders whose photo Tara showed to Virat.She feels that they were looking for her and Deep had sent them to attack her.

Arohi wants to meet the girl who called her.Aarohi wonders if Deep wanted to kill her then why did he keep her alive by giving her some new face.Aarohi wonders what curse she has got,she has been given someone’s face that is and that person might not have been nice also. She hides her face with a dupatta. Till then she ehars someone calling out to Anjali, and the girl who looks exactly like her comes in front of her looking for the person who called her.Suddenly she gets run over by a truck,Anjali falls down bleeding with injuries. Aarohi is shocked

RRECAP : 30/07/2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan -Araohi  thinks why did these people give her the same face, she needs to find out.


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