Home TV Ishq Mein Marjawan 30 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawa Written Update

Today’s (30.07.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

People gather around the girl who looks like Aarohi, Aarohi tells the people to call the ambulance. A person says that’s of no use, the girl is already dead but we must tell the police. Aarohi thinks of the incident a person had called her Anjali, she had turned back and the truck killed her,.Aarohi understands that her name was Anjali. Also, she sees Anjali’s phone that fell down, and there is a bunch of keys also. She picks that up. Aarohi thinks she shouldn’t go to the police because then Deep will understand she is behind this,she thinks she should find out who this girl was before Deep.

Deep is angry ,he talks with a person on the phone and tells him to find ‘her’ now after this incident its very important to find her.Deep takes a gun from his drawer and goes out. Tara comes in the room and closes the door. She had kept a phone on the table with video recording on, so she takes the phone sees the video. She sees what Deep has said, she wonders who is the girl exactly and why is Deep so keen on finding her.Tara hears some sound and turns around,she sees that the room’s door has suddenly opened.She wonders how the door opened.Aarohi finds something in the room.

Aarohi goes to the parking that is close by to see if the girl had any vehicle to which the keys would belong to. She wants to avoid answering the police because then Deep will find out what she is doing.She presses the button the key she got from Anjali, a car gets unlocked so she sits in the car,she sees a name there Anjali Sharma.

Tara goes to the lady who is pretending to be her mom, she gives her the earring she found in her room. She threatens Tara, she says I know you act like my mom but then you always pay attention to what I say,you take care of me but then you also follow me everywhere. The lady is scared and says she isn’t doing this, Tara sweetly asks her how much money is Deep paying her to keep a watch on her, the lady tells Tara that Deep just told her to see if Tara is okay. Tara grabs her angrily and tells her that she is a very dangerous woman and she doesn’t like being spied on. Chawanni sees all of this secretly, he is surprised a she doesn’t understand why Aarohi is behaving so wildly.Chawanni sees that Tar actually hurts the woman with a nailcutter, the woman creams,Chawanni runs off.

Arohi sits in Anjali’s car and says that she should go to Anjali’s house and find out about her.While driving, Arohi sees Sudha, Arohi thinks if she doesn’t go to Sudha the Sudha will definitely understand that she has got some info.Sudha takes an auto and tells the person to take her to Bandra,Arohi follow her, Arohi goes in the weird dingy place following Sudha. Sudha meets Deep, Deep dangerously asks her if she did her work, Sudha says she tried really hard, Deep laughs viciously and says I am tired of this line. Aarohi finds a pin and opens the door, now she also goes inside to see where Sudha went.Arohi sees Sudha’s dead body, and she is terribly shocked. She wonders who did this Sudha.Aarohi cries.Arohi hears a car revving, she goes to the window to see who it is ,she sees Deep.Aarohi understands Deep killed Sudha.

At home, Chawanni is sweating with fear, he remembers what Tara did to the lady , he hears Tara speaking to someone and telling the person to keep a watch on Deep. He runs, and locks himself in the room, Tara goes behind him and asks him to open the door sweetly like Aarohi.

Aarohi thinks like Sudha, she understands that Sudha helped Arohi, she didn’t let Deep find out where she is. Arohi cries and says how many innocents are these people going to kill . Aarohi thinks whose face has Deep given her, she is very annoyed with this.

Aarohi reaches Anjali’s house, the keys match with the house so she gets inside. In the house, she finds a file, and sees photo frames of Anjali. She talks to the pictures and says I know you wanted to help but sadly you got killed. Anjali opens the wardrobe, and decides to wear Anjali’s clothes. She sees gents’ clothes in the wardrobe,and thinks that maybe she had  a boyfriend,brother or maybe even husband. Suddenly Virat comes home, he sees Arohi,Arohi is shocked. Virat hugs Aarohi and says he is so glad that she is at home, he missed her so much.He says I love you Anju…Aarohi is shocked.

PRECAP : 31/07/2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan-Tara celebrates Deep’s birthday, Deep holds a knife to her throat, Virat is happy to see Anjali(who is actually Arohi)Arohi switches of the main switch and cuts the power supply in the house…


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