Ishq Mein Marjawan 5 July 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors TV Ishq Mein Marjawan 5 July 2018 Written Update, Written Episode 5th July 2018

Today’s (5/07/2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan  starts with –

Aarohi panics and asks Deep if he is okay,she tells him that Tara knows everything that we are getting married. She keeps checking if Deep is okay, Deep tells her that there was no poison in the water Tara is just scaring her.Aarohi says fine but then how did Tara find out what we were discussing. Deep hits Danny and says that he is the one who is giving all info to Tara. Deep says that even the wound must be fake, Deep tries to see,Danny gets hurt and the wound starts bleeding.Aarohi says that Danny was the one who saved her from Virat. Chawanni says that Danny and he were playing a game and Danny came to the living room just to get new batteries.Aarohi apologizes to Danny. Danny says that I know, Deep has this old habit that he keeps doubting the wrong people. Deep says she also has this old habit of always doubting and blaming him.

Aarohi packs her things,Deep sees the bag and asks what’s wrong, Aarohi says we are going away where ever we are free and safe. Deep says which is this place, Aarohi says I feel very scared in this house and they should go away. Deep says he has coded the cctv cameras again, now they won’t be able to hack them. Araohi says this is their house and they will come back for a revenge. Deep tells her that these people took everything away from us ,they have always troubled us but they kept trying to kill you and me which they couldn’t.Aarohi cries and hugs Deep.Deep says she will sing a lullaby to her so that she will sleep properly.Deep starst singing for her,Aarohi laughs and says that she is not a baby. Deep laughs and says she is looking like a scared baby right now. Deep then asks Aarohi where do you want to sun away ..he asks her if she ants to go in the Himalays, where he will work in the forests and she will stay home and work, then he will come back home and sing a a lullaby for her.Deep and Aarohi fall asleep.

Aarohi wakes up,somebody puts a blindfold on her eyes she starts screaming,it’s Deep.Arohi tells him that she was scared why is he doing this. Deep lifts her and says there us a surprise for her, Danny is teaching Chawanni basketball,he sees Deep has blindfolded Aarohi and asks Deep why he is doing this,Deep says he doesn’t need to interrupt. Deep takes her to the car ,Arohi keeps on asking him where he is taking her.Deep tells her to trust her.Danny tells Chawanni that he has some important work to do and leaves. Deep takes Aarohi to some apartment, there is a cctv camera ,somebody is keeping a watch on them. Deep and Arohi get stuck in the elevator.

Deep opens the door ,he is able to open a small slit, Arohi climbs up ,somebody is seeing them on the cctv camera. Somebody is purposely playing with the electricity, the person tries to strangle Deep in the elevator doors but Deep somehow escapes. Arohi says that somebody is doing this to trouble them but Deep tells her that everything is okay and takes her to their new house. He makes her do the grahprawesh, Arohi is surprised ,Deep says you asked for a small sweet home and this is for you,Aarohi is surprised.Deep tells Arohi that she is very safe here , no body knows about this house and so Virat Roma Taraa will never reach here. Deep does all the rituals that are usually done for the gruhprawesh. He tells her that he will always cherish these memories.Deep shows her the bedroom,Aarohi loves the house. Deep brings a gas stove instead of hawankund. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to burn the stove,Arohi says she can do it and burns it. She tells Deep that this is the best hawankund,Deep tells her that she is the best girl.Arohi blushes.

Deep takes vows.He tells her that he will always keep her happy and he won’t let her down. Deep says that he promises that he will never let her feel sad and cry.

Virat kills the watchman of the apartment where Deep and Aarohi have come. Tara comes there…



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