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Ishq Mein Marjawan 9 July 201 Written Update, Written Episode

 Colors TV Ishq Mein Marjawan 9 July 201 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 9th July Written Episode

Today’s (9.07.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with….

Roma tells Deep that if Deep wants to kill her the he can,she says he won’t because he will go mad after listening to the truth. Roma says that it’s a joke that you want to give justice to Arohi,and ironically you are a person who shot his own mother. Deep shouts at Roma and says that she is lying, he asks why he killed his mom,Roma says that he and Tara were always together because they are two sides of a coin,my daughter is crazy and kills people but you are a person who intelligently killed people.Roma says that Deep took advantage of so many girls and destroyed their lives but his mom used to scold him for that, Roma tells him that he killed his mom because his mom went against his behavior towards the women.

Aarohi reaches there, she doesn’t see Deep. Virat  and Tara get confronted by the police but he hits the police and runs. Deep asks Roma how she knows all of this and why he doesn’t remember anything, Roma says that she was a friend of his mom and that’s why she knows.She says that she was there when he killed his mom,he killed her but he was traumatized so he lost that part of the memory.Roma says that all the stories about Deep being poor and orphan were all lies because she cared for his mental health she knew that he would kill himself if he knew this. Roma laughs at him and says now he doing all of this great work because of Aarohi.

Deep collapses and cries. Roma leaves.Aarohi reaches there,she sees that Deep is crying.Till the time Aarohi speaks with the inspector Deep tries to harm himself. Deep shouts at Aarohi and says that he is a murderer,he starts banging his head on a rod, finally he faints.

Aarohi calls the doctor, the doctor checks Deep. He says that whenever Deep tries to recall his past he faints because it’s too much stress on his brain.He tells Aarohi to give Deep an injection if he wakes up again and gets violent. Aarohi sits by Deep’s bedside. She cries and promises that she will not let Deep suffer anymore.Danny sees Deep lying on bed. Aarohi drags him out of the room and says she also thinks that he is behind all of this.She accuses him of informing Tara and Virat. Danny says he saved her and still she doesn’t belive him, he tells Aarohi that he was out to find out about Deep.But it will be better to ignore the information.Aarohi says she wants to know what it is. Danny says that he met a retired police officer Neeraj Verma and he said that Deep’s mom was murdered and Deep was somehow involved in the murder also, Aarohi stammers and asks him what does it mean when he says involvement. Danny tells Aarohi to stay away from Deep as he is a dangerous person.Aarohi gets emotional and says that he can’t be a murderer he is a very kind person.

Danny takes Aarohi to Inspector Verma’s house, but a neighbor says that the house is not Neeraj Verma’s but some other person named Batliwala. Aarohi thinks that Danny has trapped her and this was his idea to get her out of the house. Danny tells Aarohi that he is speaking the truth, Danny tells Aarohi that it is right that he was doubting Deep but now that he is so hurt maybe that’s not true but one thing’s for sure that our enemy whoever he is he knows what we are doing. That’s why this house info also changed suddenly.

Aarohi tells the inspector to get information if there was a complaint filed against Deep, the inspector says that the file is in Rajasthan so that is a different state. Aarohi folds her hands and requests them to find out the roots of Roma Virat and Tara’s crimes,the inspector agrees. She obtains the case details. The inspector says that Deep’s real name is Rajdeep Singh. The inspector says that his mom was murdered and Rajdeep was present there , bullets were fired he was the only eye witness to the incident ,he was injured and after the murder incident he disappeared from the place.The police were trying to locate him for a long time because they thought if he didn’t commit the murder then why did he run away. The inspector says that his mom’s dead body was never found so the police had to close the case.The inspector tells Aarohi that she thinks that Roma closed the case with her money. Aarohi says that’s right but Roma didn’t to it to save Deep,she did it so that’s he could blackmail Deep for the rest of his life. Aarohi says snow she understands everything, Roma took undue advantage of Deep’s amnesia and she and Tara manipulated him into believing that they saved Deep and they have done him a big favor.

The inspector tells the police officer to be careful and keep keep a watch on Aarohi and Deep also.

Roma twists Roma’s arm and torments Roma for lying to Deep about his life. She shouts at Roma and says she feels like she should cut her tongue also. Virat comes in between and releases Roma,Tara says this is the last warning from her.She threatens Virat and Roma and tells them to stay away from Deep or else she will kill the both of them.

Aarohi doesn’t find Deep in his room. Deep is still in shock, he thinks of Roma’s words he stands in front of the mirror and holds a gun on his forehead to kill himself. Roma’s allegations about his dirty character keep ringing in his head, he is about to shoot himself till then Aarohi enters .

Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th July 2018 PRECAP –

Deep stops Deep from shooting himself, Deep and Arohi take more vows, Deep goes looking for Aarohi Chawanni says she is in the kitchen ,Deep goes in the kitchen and he stares at something…


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