Ishq Mein Marjawan upcoming twists: Tara finds out Deep and Aarohi’s death drama

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Here’s what will happen in the future episodes of Ishq Mein Marjawan.

Mausi acts to help Deep and Aarohi. She gives them a shelter. She then informs Tara and Virat that Aarohi is at her house. Aarohi finds that Mausi is also with Tara and wants to kill her unborn child.

Arohi meets Mausi and warns her. She confronts Mausi and makes her eat the same drugged laddoos. Mausi faints after consuming the laddoos. Tara also finds out about Deep and Aarohi’s death drama. Virat and Tara reaches Mausi’s place. Tara attacks Deep and Aarohi once again.

Tara confronts Deep for mocking his death and cheating her. She asks Deep why did he do this. Deep manages to trick her.

Aarohi points a knife at Tara’s neck and runs away. Tara shoots at her to kill. Aarohi escapes. She hides at a safe place. Tara threatens her to come out and face her. Aarohi wants to protect her baby. She calls Deep to seek help. Deep assures that they will save their child.

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