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Ishq Subhan Allah 31 July 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV serial Ishq Subhan Allah 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Subhanallah Written Update

Today’s (31.07.2018) Ishq Subhan Allah episode starts with –

Kabeer tells Zara that he can’t take bac the money from her.Zara says I am not giving the money without taking anything from you, she tells him that she is taking his education center program’s file in exchange.She tells him that Imran told her that he has to look at the small things in the document, she tells him that heshouldn’t have signed the papers with so much truth.But still good that it’s Imran’s land so he 9Kabir0 still holds ownership.Zara tells Kabir that this land is not Miraj’s so if he wants he can hand it over to Zara legally, as she would be more happy if she gets a land where there is an education center more than getting the money.Kabir tells her that meher is a security, Kabir thinks this is wrong.Zara says if he says that Miraj is his friend thenhe shouldn’t have demanded this land as he would have trusted her. She tells him that she finds him fishy and Kabir should confront her. Kabir says she is right, he will give Miraj this money and he has tons of questions to ask Miraj which he will. Zara then takes the file and says she will take is Meher,she tells Kabir to give it to her like Meher. Kabir recites the line stating that he is giving Zara the Meher, Zara tells Kabir that she will keep it very carefully and he can ask for it whenever he wishes to have it back. Kabir says yes and suddenly hugs her tightly, Zara asks him what happened, Kabir says thank you to her he is relieved, he hugs her. Kabir is happy.He takes the money and tells her that he will come soon as he wants to talk to Miraj.Zara tells Kabir to go in the morning.

Rima meets Imran. Imran asks Rima how did she not go to meet Zara, Rima says she didn’t get any call or message from Zara surprisingly and maybe that’s because she was busy with her husband during the night.Imran says she has no filter and she says anything.He asks her what keeps her busy at night, she blurts out that she keeps thinking about him and Imran blushes.Rima then improvises that she keeps thinking about him and Nilofer and what kind of a beautiful family they will have. Rima then asks Imran what he thinks about during the night, Imran teases Rima that he thinks about her and her craziness and thinks who will marry her,nobody can.Rima is annoyed,Imran asks Rima if Kabir gives divorce to Zara then will she also break her friendship with him(Imran) Rima says maybe because as he is best friends with Kabir she is with Zara and if his friend hurts her friend then she will stop talking to Imran also.IMran says lets pray to God that this will never happen.

Shahbaz comes to meet kazi saab.Kazi saab asks why he has come to meet him, Shahbaz says because he got to know that Kabir is going to instruct and lead the Namaz prayers on the day of Bakri Id. Kazi saab says he is only thinking about it because his health isn’t always good. Shahbaz says but he thinks right as his son is very capable of carrying out these responsibilities. Kazi saab says he used to think so too but since the time Kabeer gave first Talak to Zara his trust has broken and he has started doubting Kabir’s decision making capacities. Shahbaz says this is a matter between the kids but he is trying his best to not let the divorce happen.Kaazi saab says that leave it up to Kabir, he says he is even thinking about Kabir’s pending resignation. Kaazi saab says that he is thinking if Kabir resigns then he can make Zara the Nayab Kaazi as she is also equally capable.

Kabir’s ammi is not well. Bhbahi gets soupd for ammi, she asks when Shahbaz is coming home. Ammi says he will be coming back soon. Ayesha falls fast asleep suddenly. Bhabhi checks if she is awake but she isn’t.She takes the keys of Ayesha’s wardrobe and opens it, she takes the cheque from the wardrobe that Nilofer was blackmailing her for. Bhabhi asks Allah for forgiveness and goes out with the cheque.

Zara prays in the morning.Kabir stomps into the room.Zara asks what happened,Kabir says he gave Miraj the money. Zara asks then why is he stressed still.Kabir tells Zara that he spoke about some terrible things that he never expected him to say. Kabir says Zara was right as Sharia Board membership has turned him into a different person all together. Kabir tells Zara that he was his friend he was good. ara tells Kabir that she also wanted to tell him something about Kabir. But Kabir gets some urgent call and he says he has to leave, Zara ensures that Imran is with him,Kabir says her spy will obviously come along with him Kabir leaves.Zara is worried, she also goes out to but Kabir leave still then.

Miraj comes there and asks her if she gave her Meher money to Kabir. Miraj comes closer to Zara, he touches her and holds her hand. Zara tries to fight him off but Miraj keeps coming closer.He tells her that he will give her whatever she wants , he holds her hand, Zara starts shouting. She isn’t able to push him away as she has been pushed against the wall.Miraj keeps misbehaving with Zara, suddenly Kabir comes from behind and pushes Miraj away.Kabir starts hitting Miraj he is very angry with Miraj. Kabir shouts at Miraj and says that he is there to protect his wife and Miraj is not worthy of staying in a decent family. Miraja and Kabir have a terrible fight.Miraj lifts a plant vase and throws it at Kabir,Zara alerts Kabir and Kabir dodges it.Zara goes to save Kabir but she gets pushed away and she bumps onto the balcony wall. Miraj catches hold of her ,Kabir hits him hard and Miraj falls down from the balcony on the car . Zara hugs Kabir, Kabir holds her. Miraj laughs wickedly. Kabir tells the security to catch him.He tells Zara that Miraj needs to pay for his mistakes but not here,Zara tells him to stay but Kabir doesn’t lsiten., he tells Miraj to drive the car and go wherever he tells him to go Miraj drives crazily, Kabir asks Miraj why is he so fond of dying.Miraj says he is only fond of two things,speed and Zara .Kabir hits him again.Kabir takes him to the education center and says that the story started here so it will end here.Miraj laughs and says he is very dangerous and in fact too risky for Kabir to handle him. Kabir says fine. Miraj purposely hits the iron rods.

PRECAP:1/08/2018 Ishq Subhan Allah -Kabir and Miraj are hurt and the car blows up…

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