Ishqbaaz 06 September 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 06th September 2017, Ishqbaaz 06 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 06 September 2017 episode starts with Shivaay and Rudra dancing in the Bachelor’s party and later finding a girl’s body on Shivaay’s bed. Shivaay and Rudra get shocked and scared. Some time back… The boys watch the match intensely and celebrate the win.

Anika and Bhavya enjoy the award show together. Rudra arranges for Shivaay’s bachelors’ party and forces Shivaay to join in. Girls join Shivaay and Rudra, both dance. Anika and Bhavya get suspicious and find out about the party while Shivaay and Rudra get drunk. Anika and Bhavya see Shivaay and Rudra with other girls, Shivaay and Rudra get shocked seeing Bhavya and Anika. Anika and Bhavya join Shivaay and Rudra for the dance. Next day morning, Shivaay gets up with post party effects and gets shocked to see his messed up room.

Shivaay wakes up Rudra and asks Rudra about the previous night. Both try to recollect about last night’s incidence, Anika and Bhavya get suspicious and decide to go to Shivaay’s room. Anika teases Bhavya over Rudra. Shivaay and Rudra try to clear the mess before Anika comes, Rudra and Shivaay find Natasha’s body on Shivaay’s bed and get shocked and scared. Shivaay tries to search for his phone, he gets the phone and comes back to his room and gets shocked to see Natasha’s body missing.

Rudra says he hid the body. Anika and Bhavya come to Shivaay’s room, Rudra and Shivaay try to cover up. Bhavya sees a red mark on the bed and tried to investigate. Dadi comes in with Natasha, Rudra and Shivaay get shocked. Natasha tells that she was high and passed out in Shivaay’s room. Anika and Bhavya eye the boys suspiciously as they hug happily. Tej reaches the graveyard and tells Jhanvi about Svetlana secretly. Tej tells Jhanvi to leave for Oberoi Mansion alone, Tej gets shocked as the lady turns out to be Svetlana and not Jhanvi. Svetlana makes Tej unconscious. Chubby gives the idea of buying a lottery ticket to Rudra to make money. Jhanvi reaches the graveyard, Svetlana covers up saying Peter was drunk and arrested. Kaveri tells Jhanvi to flee away from Manali as Police is looking for Oberoi couple. Rudra asks Bhavya for his Rs. 500, Bhavya questions Rudra but hands him the money. Bhavya gets worried. Balram’s Dadaji comes to meet Omkara, Balram calls Omkara and Gauri cheaters and calls for one more fight. Balram’s Dadaji scolds Balram and tells him to accept the defeat, Balram refuses. Balram’s Dadaji gives the Shiv Parvati idol to Omkara and Gauri. Svetlana tortures Tej and makes him be Peter D’Souza. Svetlana gets determined to reach Oberoi Mansion. Rudra and Chubby get excited watching lottery result, but the last number turns out to be different from Rudra’s ticket number, Rudra gets sad for winning only Rs. 50. Bhavya overhears Rudra and Chubby’s conversation and feels bad. Omkara and Gauri prepare to leave, Gauri finds the idol to be the sign of love and commitment. Gauri asks Omkara about his thoughts on love, Omkara tries to avoid the answer. Omkara gets hurt by the car door and bleeds, Gauri forces to go to the hospital.


Bhavya tells Rudra that he has to work to earn money which Rudra is not capable of.

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