Home TV Ishqbaaz 07 March 2017 Written Update Ishqbaz Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 07 March 2017 Written Update Ishqbaz Written Episode

Star Plus Ishqbaaz Written Update 07th march 2017 Ishqbaaz 07.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Ishqbaaz 07 March 2017 episode starts with Anika gets scared thinking of Daksh. She falls down. Someone holds her. She turns and gets shocked. Daksh puts Anika in bathtub and opens the taps. She gets conscious and sees him. He smiles. Some time before, Pinky asks Anika to get coconuts from store. Anika goes. Daksh goes after her. He comes in front of Anika. He says sorry. She recalls the past and turns away.

He stares at her and leaves. She goes to storeroom. The door gets shut. She turns and gets tensed. She hears Daksh’s voice and knocks door. She tries to switch on lights. She falls down and recalls the past moments. She starts panicking. Someone holds her. She turns and gets shocked. Its Shivaye.

She sees him. She hugs him. He says its me Shivaye, I m here, no need to get scared, I won’t let anything happen to you. She looks around.

He holds her and says there is no one, you trust me right, my brothers call me the great wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi, I understand what you are going through seeing Daksh, now this wall will be in between you and Daksh. She says no, he is mad and can do anything. He says he knows what I can do when I get mad, its matter of some days, we will not bear him, if he tries to harm you. I will kill him. She asks can you take someone’s life for me, why. He says because you are my …..(wife)…. you know what you are for me. She says your responsibility. He says you are very important for me, stop crying, you don’t look much good when you cry. He wipes her tears.

Kamini says Ranveer will feed sweets to Priyanka after roka, and I will feed laddoo to Shakti. Pinky asks will you take his life, he has sugar, feed to Tej. Kamini says no, nothing will happen to Shakti if I feed him, laddoo is his favorite. Pinky argues with Shakti. Kamini’s saree pallu slips. Pinky covers Shakti’s eyes. Tej laughs. Shakti asks you are laughing, I m losing life, please. Tej says I m enjoying, you also enjoy the moment.

Jhanvi asks shall we start rasam. Kamini says yes, girl is fed five type of fruits on roka. Shivaye and Anika come there. Anika sees Daksh. Shivaye holds Anika. Daksh smiles staring at her. Kamini asks Priyanka to have five fruits, and papaya first. Shivaye asks papaya. She says yes, is there any problem. Pinky says this does not matter. He says I was finding logic in it. She says ask mummy ji when she comes.

Kamini asks Ranveer to feed fruits to Priyanka. Shivaye signs Priyanka. He goes and throws away the plate. Everyone get shocked. Kamini asks what did you do, you did abshagun. Pinky asks why did you throw plate. Shivaye says there were ants in plate. Kamini says we did not see. Jhanvi says its fine, we will do rasam with sweets. Anika asks Shivaye what happened. He says I said it, there were ants. Ranveer feeds sweets to Priyanka. Everyone clap.

Priyanka feeds sweets to Ranveer. He gets a call and goes to answer. Shivaye goes to him and holds his hand angrily. Ranveer asks what happened. Shivaye asks don’t you really know, you did not do anything, I m doing this relation on your saying, even when Daksh is your relative, you promised you will take care of Priyanka, I have to reconsider my decision. Ranveer says I don’t understand. Shivaye asks don’t you know or acting, papaya is not fed to pregnant women, Kamini was feeding papaya to Priyanka, you were feeding by it your hands. Ranveer says sorry. Shivaye says you gotta be careful, if she gets even a scratch, I will forget you are a police officer. Priyanka comes running and says sorry.

Shivaye asks why are you sorry, I will make everything fine. She hugs him. She cries and says you and Anika have to do a lot, only because I m…. I m sorry to ashame you all. He asks her not to think so. He says whatever happened is over, we will move ahead, none should know this, I did not tell even Anika, I will make sure you both get married soon, Ranveer make sure Priyanka does not get tear in eyes. Ranveer says it won’t happen, trust me. Shivaye takes Priyanka. Daksh hears this and smiles. Daksh says so this is the real thing, that’s why I was thinking why is Shivaye desperate about this relation, Priyanka is pregnant before marriage, Shivaye see how I make you dance on fingers, you will try that this relation does not break, I will use this weakness, real game started now, just wait and watch.

Anika is tied and lying in bathtub. Daksh stares at her. He starts the water supply by taps. She gets conscious and sees him. He smiles and dips her inside the water. Anika wakes up from sleep and shouts no Daksh…. Shivaye wakes up and holds her. She says he is here, he will kill me. He says there is no one, you are in Oberoi mansion. She says no, he tied my hands and legs, he has thrown me in water. He says no, look at me, you are my Dabangg Anika, you are not scared of anyone, not even me, Daksh can’t do anything, I will not leave him.

She says you are not understand, he is very clever, he can do anything. He says he can’t do anything. She says if he makes you away from me like last time. He says no, we were separate last time, but now we are together, leave Daksh, none can do anything to us, you trust me? She nods. He asks will you listen to me. She nods. He says you promise me you won’t be scared of Daksh, you will face this fear. She says I will not be scared of him, I will face my fear. He asks pinky promise. She makes pinky promise. They see each other. She hugs him. He says I won’t let anything happen to you, I m with you.

Daksh says love can’t be hidden. Shivaye asks what do you want. Daksh says whatever I want, I just get it, you leave me and think of your family, they will know about Priyanka, they are checking wedding cards, one card has Priyanka’s baby pic, go and stop them if you can, you have just one min.


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