Ishqbaaz 07 November 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 07th November 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz 07 November 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (07.11.2017) Ishqbaaz written episode (written update) starts with Rudy suddenly stopping the car seeing an attractive girl. Oberoi brothers get up in shock and get startlted to notice their conditions in a dark room. Some time back… Shivaay tells Anika that it is nice that Anika trusts him completely.

Shivaay tries to entice Anika, OmRu listen to his talks, Shivaay makes up the story of an attractive girl asking for the lift on the way, Anika doesn’t get affected. Shivaay tries to add spice to the story, Anika remains unaffected. Shivaay says the girl said to have a drink with him, Anika tells Shivaay to keep drinking water. Rudra takes the phone and cuts the call. Anika finds Shivaay very innocent. Omkara questions Shivaay about making a story to entice Anika, Shivaay thinks that Anika and Gauri are underestimating them.

They leave in the car. Dinky asks Anika and Gauri if Shivaay and Omkara called and advises them to call the husbands time and again. Dinky tells Anika and Gauri to keep Shivaay and Omkara in control. Dadi scolds Dinky, Pinky praises Shakti, Dinky taunts Omkara for being Tej’s son, Jhanvi gets annoyed. Rudra gets annoyed as Shivaay drives slow, Rudra takes over driving and drives fast. Rudra suddenly halts to see a car. An attractive girl gets out of the car and smiles at them, Rudra gets happy.

Dinky talks about Tej, Jhanvi confronts her. Jhanvi stops Dinky from commenting against Tej. Dinky defends herself and warns the Oberoi ladies of a scandal. The girl asks for the lift to Rudra, Shivaay gets surprised to his story turning true. Rudy imagines himself dancing with the girl. Rudra asks Omkara to sit behind with Shivaay and asks the girl to sit next to him. Girl’s foot sprains, Shivaay gets shocked, she introduces herself as Pia. Shivaay tells Rudra to sit behind with Omkara. Pia tells that she is a choreographer, Rudra tries to boast about himself. Pia praises Shivaay’s eyes, she calls Rudra cute. Pia asks Shivaay to stop the car to have some cold drinks and goes to get the cold drinks. Oberoi brothers watch her as she walks off. Pia gives cold drinks to ShivOmRu, they drink and drive off. In some time, Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra are seen drunk. Abhay looks for the man in the video and gets on the bus. A masked lady gets on the bus and demands for seat number 21. She takes off the mask, she turns out to be Svetlana. She falls into Abhay’s lap and excuses herself, Svetlana sees the Kalyani Mills video playing on his phone, Svetlana thinks that her and Abhay’s mission is the same, she will figure out the proof found by Abhay in the journey. Svetlana flirts with Abhay. In the morning, Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra wake up in a locked up condition in a dark unknown place. They get shocked to see their condition. They try to remember what happened last night, Anika tries to call Shivaay, Oberoi brothers try to get hold of the phone, Rudra manages to answer the phone but mistakenly talks about the lipstick mark, Anika hears it and questions. All get shocked.


ShivOmRu get shocked to see their video with the girl on the phone. Piya joins on the dining table, Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra get shocked.

Ishqbaaz Spoilers – Piya to blackmail Oberoi Brother about what happened in Goa

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