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Ishqbaaz 16 January 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 16th January 2017 WU

Ishqbaaz serial episode (16.01.2017) starts with Shivaay holds his chest and feels unwell. Anika asks are you fine. He asks her to go, I got you here and speaking well, you think you are my wife, stop it Anika. He acts rude to her. Some time before, Anika asks why did you stop the car. Shivaay says there are two ways, don’t know which way Om went. Rumi says which way ends where and when, who knows, sorry Shivaay , I will not let you guys reach Om. Anika shows the sign board. Shivaye drives ahead. Rumi changes the signs back. She calls Shwetlana. She says work is done, Shivaye and Anika can’t reach Om. Shwetlana says good and ends call.

Pinky asks Tej to have shame, Jhanvi is your wife, where is her anger wrong, will she keep sautan at home and nothing will happen to her. She says I told you not to let Shwetlana stay here. Jhanvi says Tej is not understanding me. Pinky says Shwetlana has made him blind, Tej has three children, who has to get married, which good family will not relate to our family, think of your age atleast. Tej asks her not to say in this matter. Pinky says I have to say, sort the problems with cool mind, end the fight. Tej says some things don’t end. Pinky says then end it forever, give divorce to your wife. Dadi shouts Pinky and gets shaken up. Pinky holds Dadi.

Anika says I think we came on wrong way. Shivaay asks did you understand it now. She says but board signed this way, I think it changed by wind. Shivaay calls Om and says answer the call Om. He hits the car to the tree. He tries to start the car again.

Dadi says I did not think, I will see this day in my life, you are not kids to explain you, you will become parents in law, what will you teach bahus and son in law, how will you manage family, its tough to manage relations, especially marriage, divorce did not happen in this family. Tej says its not necessary that whatever did not happen, it will not happen in future. He goes. Dadi holds Jhanvi. Jhanvi goes. Dadi says don’t know whose bad sight caught this house. Pinky curses Shwetlana. Dadi says its big sin to think bad like doing bad. Pinky says what shall I do, Shwetlana did bad. Dadi says we should think about family than outsiders. Pinky says Tej did limit, be strong and pull his ear, tell him to make Shwetlana out. Dadi says distance can’t be made short by forcing.

Shwetlana smiles seeing Om following her. She gets down her car. Om gets shocked. Shivay calls him. Om does not answer. Shivay gets angry seeing his phone getting off. Anika says what happened, call again. He says really, why did I not get this anger. She says anger eats up the senses. He asks her to try. She says your phone got … He says battery is dead. She asks why did you not tell me before. He asks for his phone. She says I did not get my phone.

Shwetlana goes away from the car. Om thinks it means Anika was right, Shwetlana is acting that she can’t walk. Om hides from her. She smiles and goes. Anika shows the house to Shivaye and says maybe we can get phone there, come. Shivaye and Anika get down the car. The stormy winds blow. Om follows Shwetlana. Shivay holds his chest and feels dizzy. He looks at Anika and shouts get my medicines. She asks what Shivaye. He shouts glove box. She checks and gets medicines in glove box. He recalls doctor’s words that Shivaye’s condition is fine, if heart problem was not there, he would have been better. Anika stumbles and medicines fall away. Shivaye sees the tree branch falling and shouts Anika. Tree branch falls between them. They see each other.

Om thinks why did Shwetlana come there, maybe its that man on whose saying she is doing all this, I have to find out. He looks inside the window and shuts it, thinking its wrong, but I m doing this for family, I have to do this to bring her real face out. He goes.

Rumi checks car and smiles. She says Shivaye and Anika’s danger got away. Tia calls her and asks is everything fine. Rumi says its perfect, I have trapped Shivaye and Anika, they can’t reach Om and even home. Tia says make sure Anika does not return to Oberoi mansion. Rumi asks what do you mean. Tia smiles.

Anika and Shivaye get inside the house. She shuts the door. She asks are you fine, you don’t look fine. He says I m okay, its just dust allergy. She asks what’s troubling you, tell me. He says stop it, I got you here and speaking well, you have become my wife. She asks why are you saying this, its not like that. He says just stop it Anika and gets his hand free. She gets jerk and falls away. He worries for her and asks did you get hurt. She cries and says I did not get hurt by fall, I got hurt by your words, Shivaye please…. He says like always, all my anger and frustration gets on you, I m sorry. She asks for today or whatever happened till now. He says you are right, whenever I get angry, my mind stops working, then I say anything, its my mistake, I m talking rubbish, sorry Anika.

She asks what’s troubling you, tell me. He says I can’t tell, its imp that I talk to Om right now, try to understand. She says fine. He says you agreed, you did not argue. She says you said you can’t say, maybe its big thing. He asks did you not feel bad that I refused to say. She says I know you would have said if you could, if you are not saying, it will be for someone’s good, for you other’s good is before yours. He looks at her and holds her hand.

Om gets inside the door and sees Shwetlana talking. He thinks I won’t better chance to get proof against her. He sees her gone and looks around.

Anika says if you talk to Om, all tension will be gone. He asks how will I talk, you did not get your phone and my phone does not have battery. She recalls and says its charger right, big box and wire. He says power bank. She says I think I have seen it in glove box, I will get it. He shouts stop Anika, there is storm outside. She says I don’t care of winds and storm.

Shwetlana says you got to know everything about me. Om says stop your drama, you got me here, can I know the reason. She says you will know, wait for some time. Shivaye runs out of house and gets shocked seeing…..


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