Ishqbaaz 21 September 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 21st September 2017, Ishqbaaz 21 September 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (21.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Bhavya saying goodbye to Rudra and getting on the train. Anika and Gauri hear someone crying and see Suman about to commit suicide. Some time back…

Shivaay gets close to Anika, she gets conscious. Anika takes off the chunri and gets away from Shivaay, Shivaay gives travel kit to Anika for her safety. Anika says she is going fast so that she can come back early, Shivaay teases Anika. Rudra reaches the wedding venue and blames God for making his nightmare true. Rudra meets the commissioner and blames him, Rudra asks him for Bhavya. Rudra stops the wedding and starts giving his apology to the bride, the groom gets annoyed. The bride turns out to be some other girl, Rudra gets shocked.

Anika removes the tiffin on the way, Gauri refuses to eat. Gauri tells Anika that she is learning English language, Anika gets excited. Gauri says she wants to surprise Omkara. Anika tells Gauri not to think that she is not fit for Omkara. Anika shares her experience with Gauri. Rudra gets happy and asks the commissioner about Bhavya. He tells Bhavya is at the Railway Station as she is leaving for an assignment. Shivaay takes Omkara to choose the engagement ring for Anika.

Omkara points out that Shivaay has changed, Shivaay says the same thing for Omkara. Shivaay tries to talk about Omkara and Gauri, Omkara diverts the topic. Rudra reaches the railway station and looks for Bhavya and hears her voice. Bhavya gets in the train, Rudra looks for her and screams her name. Bhavya comes in front of Rudra, he hugs Bhavya. Anika and Gauri reach the wedding. The village ladies tell Anika and Gauri to cover their heads with the chunri, Anika gets annoyed. Anika and Gauri give gifts to Suman. Anika and Gauri ask Suman about her groom, the village lady snubs them. Anika and Gauri feel weird. Suman locks herself inside a room with the bottle of pesticide. Rudra apologizes to Bhavya for his behavior, Bhavya says it is ok and asks Rudra to leave. Rudra tells Bhavya to go back with him, Bhavya refuses and says goodbye to Rudra, Rudra gets shocked and remembers his moments with Bhavya. The train leaves, Rudra runs towards Bhavya and jumps on the train. Rudra tells Bhavya he will go wherever she goes and seeks a chance from Bhavya. Omkara gets irritated with Shivaay not being able to choose the ring. Anika and Gauri hear someone’s cry and they follow it. They see Suman crying and that she is about to drink the pesticide, both get shocked. Rudra gets surprised to see the train from inside. Rudra gets shocked to know that they are in Non AC compartment and that they have to travel for 8 hours. TC comes, Bhavya shows her badge, TC asks Rudra for the ticket and asks if he is the younger brother of Bhavya, she pays the penalty. Anika and Bhavya stop Suman, she says she doesn’t want to live. Suman says she is being forced to get married to the village head’s son as Bansi Kaka could not pay back the loan. The groom turns out to be much older and already married. Anika and Gauri deicide to help Suman. They hear the Barat sounds, they see the groom drinking alcohol. Suman pleads to Anika and Gauri to save her, Anika – Gauri assure her. Rudra gets restless as he can’t manage the train restrooms. Train stops suddenly, TC informs that earlier train has derailed and the that they have to walk back to the earlier station. Bhavya asks Rudra to help a lady, he feels restless as he wants to use the washroom. Anika and Gauri bring Suman out, the village lady stops them, Anika moves her away. Anika and Gauro take Suman among the men and get shocked to see their behavior. Anika fires the village men and Bansi Kaka for getting Suman married to an old man. Anika and Gauri say that Suman will not marry the old man. Anika tries to call Shivaay for paying off Bansi Kaka’s loan, Village head comes and makes it a prestige issue and says the wedding will take place at any cost and warns Anika and Gauri. Bansi requests Anika and Gauri to go back in women’s section. Anika tells Gauri that they need to flee away with Suman. Svetlana meets Pinky and Pinky confirms that she changed the painting and gives the original to Svetlana. Svetlana refuses to let out painting secret to Pinky. Svetlana thinks about the key.


Gauri runs away, Anika runs after her, Shivaay sees Anika’s missed calls and gets worried. Shivaay tries to call Anika.

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