Ishqbaaz 27 November 2018 Written Update Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus Ishqbaaz 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Ishqbaaaz Written Update

Today’s (27.11.2018) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Omkara, Rudra, Bhavya and Gauri get worried about the consequences as Anika and Shivaay are missing.

Omkara tells Rudra to wear his wedding outfit and become the Groom while Gauri tells Bhavya to get ready as the bride. Rudra and Bhavya do not agree at first, but Omkara and Gauri make them emotional and they agree with the plan.

Meanwhile, Shivaay and Anika argue in the guest house. Anika shouts at Shivaay, the security guard gets shocked, he runs and opens the door. Shivaay yells at him for sleeping on the duty, Shivaay and Anika run from the guest house.

Rudra and Bhavya get tensed with their plan and they run away. Gauri and Omkara are shocked to see them gone missing. Omkara and Gauri get ready as the bride and groom and cover their faces.

Everyone get happy to see the bride and groom but Rikaraa feel guilty. Shivaay rushes to Oberoi Mansion. Rudra and Bhavya feel guilty. Everyone get shocked as suddenly from the other end, other couple enters as Bride and groom. Omkara-Gauri and Bhavya-Rudra get in argument, Dadi and Nani scolds them.

Shivaay and Anika enter Oberoi Mansion, Anika blames Shivaay for all the mess. Rikara and Ruvya scold them. Anika blames Shivaay over his phone obsession. Dadi and Nani tell them to get ready fast. Shivaay and Anika get ready a the bride and groom, all feel happy. Shivaay and Anika’s wedding rituals start. 

Shivaay puts sindoor in Anika’s hairline and ties the mangalsutra in her neck. They complete their pheras happily. Dadi prays for the happiness for Oberoi family.

Priyanka gets shocked to see a call on her phone. Later, Nani gets tensed about Dadi as her stomach is upset. Dadi tells a servant to add her churan in the juice and get for her. Nani and Dadi make fun of each other.

Omkara and Rudra advise Shivaay about his first night, Shivaay refuses to rake their advice. They force him to listen to them. Omkara and Rudra make Khanna bring the special energy drink made by them for Shivaay. Priyanka runs out and hugs a man, both get happy. She asks why did he not come for the wedding, he says Shivaay would have thrown a poor man like him out. Priyanka says Shivaay is not such a man. Priyanka shows wedding photos to the man, he gets shocked to see Shivaay and Anika’s photos. Priyanka asks Rajeev to come in with him, he refuses saying he doesn’t want Shivaay’s happiness to be ruined because of him. Priyanka feels all will be happy to meet him. Rajeev thinks cunningly that he has come to win everything.


Shivaay and Anika walk towards each other over the petals, Shivaay says he has waited a long for this moment.

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