Home TV Ishqbaaz 29th November 2018 Written Update Ishqbaz Written Episode

Ishqbaaz 29th November 2018 Written Update Ishqbaz Written Episode

Star Plus Ishqbaaz 29 November 2018 Written Episode, Ishqbaaaz Written Update

Today’s (29.11.2018) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Anika finds Shivaay’s watch with Sahil. She questions him about it. He lies to her that Shivaay has given him the watch. He cooks up a story to cover up the theft.

Omkara and Rudra tell Dadi that Anika wants to surprise Shivay. They find out that Anika has prepared plain food for Shivaay, since his stomach is upset. Omkara gets to know that Shivaay has taken the wrong drink. Shivaay questions him about the drink. Shivaay beats his brothers. Dadi scolds them for ruining Shivaay’s wedding night. They burst into laughter. Dadi gets happy seeing her family too happy after a long time. 

Priyanka shocks the family by getting her lover home. She tells them about Rajiv and her love. She wants to marry Rajiv. Shivaay doesn’t feel Rajiv is the right guy. Rudra disapproves the relation. Shivay tells Priyanka that he can’t accept Rajiv without knowing about his background. He yells at Priyanka for bringing someone random to marry. Rajiv tells him that he belongs to a middle-class family. Shivaay finds him a gold-digger.

Priyanka misbehaves with them. She asks her brothers to tell her if their wives belong to a rich family. She tells them that she will just marry Rajiv. She asks Omkara and Rajiv not to interfere in her life. Dadi slaps Priyanka. She tells them that she can easily rebel, she has come to them to take their permission, but she was wrong to ask them. She confronts Shivaay for stopping her. She doesn’t want anyone’s consent for marrying Rajiv. Shivaay throws out Rajiv from the house. Priyanka turns angry on Shivaay.

Shivaay tells them that he didn’t focus on Priyanka’s life. He feels sorry that he should have looked into Priyanka’s matters. Sahil starts taking interest in Shivaay’s business. He turns greedy for money. He enjoys the richness of the house. Priyanka ends up hurting herself. She brings a storm in the house when Rajiv gets rejected by the family. Shivaay asks Priyanka to think about her future well.

Priyanka tells him that nobody has thought for her, she fell lonely and just Rajiv was with her at that time, when everyone was greedy around. She tells him that Rajiv’s love brought her life on the right path. She wants the family to understand. She asks them not to show concern for her. She asks Shivaay to leave. She doesn’t want anyone to create hurdles in her love life. She decides to marry Priyanka.

Anika finds the big changes in Sahil. She questions him about the costly things. Sahil lies to her once again. Anika falls in his words. Shivaay stays disturbed because of Priyanka. Anika too stays concerned for Sahil. She supports Shivaay. She doesn’t want Shivaay to blame himself for everything. Gauri and Bhavya try to pacify Priyanka. Omkara and Rudra stay upset over Priyanka’s mad rage. They also want their sister to get over the grief. Priyanka packs her bags to leave the house.

Anika doesn’t want Priyanka to leave. She asks Priyanka to give some time to the family, then Shivay will accept Rajiv. Priyanka doesn’t want to tolerate Rajiv’s insult. Anika promises to help Priyanka. Obros learn that Priyanka is ready to leave them. Shivay deducts that Rajiv is badly influencing Priyanka. Priyanka stands against Shivay. Anika asks Shivaay to give a chance to Rajiv for the sake of Priyanka’s happiness, so that they don’t lose Priyanka.

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