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Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi MahaSangam 25 May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi 25th May 2017 Written Update (Maha Sangam Episode)

Today’s Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi 25th May 2017 Mahasangam episode starts with Pinky’s(Nikita Anand) shocking truth before Anika (Surbhi Chandna). Anika is shocked beyond words with the revelation. As the maha-aarthi goes on the three brothers unite as one to do the arthi. Anika sees a worried Nayantara calling someone and follows her out. She sees Nayantara (Anjali Mukhi) speaking to someone but does not see the other person even as she tries, Priyanka (Subha Rajput) comes and asks Anika to join them for the pooja. As Anika turns to walk away she hears Pinky’s voice she turns to see Pinky standing with Nayantara while telling her there are no goons outside and someone is trying to fool her. Anika walks away confused and perplexed, while Nayantara wonders if Shivika are together in this and trying to play games with her. As Anika comes back to join the pooja, Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) make way for Anika to do the arthi with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta). Shivaay notices the gloom on Anika’s face, later Gauri and Om too do the arthi.

The pandit calls for Anika as the eldest bahu of the family to come forward and write her name in the Kul Gothra Pathri. Anika is lost and needs a wake up call from Shivaay standing near her to walk forward and write her name with Shivaay. Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) is asked to do the same next but Gauri remembers Om telling her to not write the name in the pathri. She walks forward but as promised to Omkara she faints to stall the writing. Omkara holds her as she falls and wonders if she actually ate poison as suggested by him. She whispers to him that her job is done rest he has to handle. He tries to convince the family that as Gauri is unwell they should postpone writing her name. Shivaay jumps in to suggest that Om should do the honors as it is one and the same thing. Om hesitantly goes ahead and writes Gauri’s name with his own in the kul pathri. Pinky tries to talk to Jahnvi(Mreenal Deshraj) about how both of them have been unlucky with bahus. She says she is sad that both Shivaay and Om have brought in downmarket bahus to the house. Jahnvi disagrees and says Gauri is perfect for Om she also reminds Pinky about everything Anika has done for Shivaay and the family. This builds up into a loud argument as  Jahnvi shouts at Pinky for being such a mother who fails to see her son’s happiness. Buama(Sushmita Mukherjee) interupts their fight and asks them to concentrate on the pooja as Jahnvi is about to reveal to all the reason for their fight. Pinky says now that Anika’s mom is present she should write her name with Anika in the pathri also she goes on to insult Anika by asking the pandit if “Nachaniya” should be added as the job of the mother. Shivaay stops her as Nayantara happily walks towards the pathri. Shivaay as promised to Anika throws a mobile phone in Nayantara’s way and makes her fall with the pen for writing. She breaks the pen and so the pooja stands cancelled as the pen needs to be re-made. Pinky is depressed about all her work gone in vain and walks away. Shivaay pulls a still stunned Anika who is desperately trying to work out in her head about how Pinky can do this.

Shivaay asks Anika what the matter is , as he notices her shaken. Shivaay guesses that she has found Nayantara’s accomplice, and also that she is unable to handle the truth. Anika warns him that he might not be able to bear the truth but Shivaay argues that he is SSO. Anika reveals it is Pinky, to a even more stunned Shivaay. Rudra reaches Meerut at the venue and enters there looking for a girl in black dupatta. He notices her and calls out but when she does not turn he makes her turn to reveal, the new girl in the block(Mansi Srivastava). Rudra stares at her still holding her hands as she starts crying. Rudra comes back to senses a while later and asks her why she is crying. She says he held her hand in full public view and that is not acceptable in Meerut.  She continues with a story of her friend whose hand was held in full public view and she never got married! Rudra is left aghast by that conservative a society. He asks her to come with him as he wants her to get married to his friend Shaurya. He asks her why she left him as he is an awesome boy. He also says that he asked him to tell her that he would keep her happy always. He asks her to come with him though he himself is floored by the girl he still does not want to break the bro-code and asks her to marry his friend. The girl though looks utterly confused at all that Rudra says.

Omkara reaches his room to find it haughtily decorated with candles and red flowers. Gauri walks in right behind and with a glass of milk and Om asks her about the decoration. She obviously has no knowledge about this, but Omkara refuses to belief her. He asks her about the milk and she says she was asked to carry that to him so she did. He accuses her of drugging the milk which she vehemently denies. She drinks the milk to prove herself. Buama watching them sneakily is left sorry at a failed plan as she actually had drugged the milk for Omkara. Now after a while Gauri starts laughing and asks Om why he behaves like “Nandi” -Nandi being the “Ox” at her village which keeps getting furious with or without reason and runs to attack people around. Omkara fumes at the comparison. She keeps laughing and asks him why he blames her for everything when he was the one who married her she never asked him to. Omkara realizes she is drugged and pours water on her head. She comes to senses and Omkara throws her out of the room. She walks away only to be brought back minutes later by Buama. Buama makes Om promise he would treat Gauri well and also not make her go away from the room. After Buama leaves Om walks out of the room though. Shivaay refuses to believe that his mother is involved in this and as Anika is about to tell him about the sticker clue somebody screams Shivaay’s name and he runs out of the room as Anika is left perplexed.

Precap 26th May 2017

Pinky falls off the stairs and Shivaay picks her up while Anika tries to say something Shivaay shouts at her saying Pinky tried to save Sahil and all thsi si happening due to Nayantara who came into the house as Anika’s fake mother and then she kidnapped Sahil. Anika looks on shocked. Will this mean trouble in Shivika paradise? Has Pinky finally succeeded? We hope not!



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