Ishqbaaz latest – Anika-Tia’s item song, Shivaay threatens Anika with knife to convince her

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Here’s what is in store for viewer of Ishqbaaz serial on Star Plus in the upcoming episodes.

It will be seen that Shivaay tries to explain Anika that he is her husband and the house belongs to her. nika tries to run away from Oberoi Mansion thinking that her life is in danger because of Shivaay.

Shivaay is shocked when Anika tells him that she knows about her real identity and that her name is Kalavati. He asks her who told her such a lie, but Anika does not reveal Tia’s name. He then tries to make her recall everything in her language and style but they get into an argument. Anika leaves the room.

Shwetlana and Tia take Anika along with them and brainwash her against Shivaay. Anika asks them to help her as she thinks Shivaay is her enemy. Shwetlana suggests Anika to do something which will make Shivaay thrown her out of the house.

Later, Anika and Shwetlana dance on item song Main Nagin Nagin Dance Nachna. Shivaay and everyone in the faily is shocked.

Anika nagin dance Shwetlana Anika dance in Ishqbaaz images-pictures
Shwetlana and Anika dance in Ishqbaaz images-pictures

However, Shivaay knows that Anika is doing all of thing on account of her memory loss. He takes her to their room and once again tries to explain her that they both are married but Anika refuses to believe him.

Shivaay decide to go back to his old style SSO and shows his tons of attitude plus Rajni style to convince her. He gets a knife to threaten Anika. He tells her to listen to him and behave properly. H also tells her about all the things they did together and that she is his wife.

Later, Daid tells Anika that she is Shivaay’s wife and she should treat him well as Husbands are like God. After this, Anika behaves like a pativatra (dutiful wife) and goes to Shivaay with sindoor and mangalsutra. Shivaay is shocked again.

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