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Ishqbaaz Written Episode 09 November 2916, Ishqbaz Written Update WU

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 09.11.2016 Written Episode Update 

Daksh asks Anika her name. He says I m asking you. Shivaye says her name is Anika. Daksh says I m sure she knows her name too, its a beautiful name, if she takes it, it will look more beautiful. Shivaye says its just Anika. Daksh forwards hand and says hi, I m Daksh. Anika shakes hands. Shivaye looks on.

Some time before, Daksh is at the train station. He asks a man about car parking, and says strange, no one is hearing, shall I wait here for driver or go to find him. Anika comes there. Daksh collides with a man and his clothes spoil. He shouts. He thinks to take a rickshaw than to stand in heat. He calls a rickshaw. Anika says carpenter has attitude, someone should pick him from station, I don’t know how he looks. Daksh asks rickshaw driver will he take him to Oberoi mansion. Anika hears him
and calls him out. He turns. She goes to him and says Oberoi Mansion… He says yes. She says what yes I m find you since long, where were you, come. He asks where. She says moon, come, you have to go Oberoi mansion right. He says yes but… She says what but, you mean, someone from Oberoi family will come and say carpenter ji come.

She says fine, but where is the driver. She asks what did you say, why driver, I will call pilot, helicopter. He says that’s a nice idea, you mean chopper right. She says it means Billu ji’s carpenter is of his level, and calls helicopter as chopper. He says hey, do you also call Shivaye as Billu. She says wait a min, hey, what did you call me, please call me Aap with respect, say it. He smiles and says Aap… She says what did you say, Shivaye? Say Shivaye Sir. He says wait, I don’t know who you are, but I spoke to Shivaye. She says call him Shivaye Sir, else I will get your return ticket, I don’t have time, come. He smiles.

Rudra comes to Soumya’s room and says why do people keep room so clean that it seems no one stays here. Soumya says if you don’t know staying as civilized people, that’s not my problem. He gets he mangalsutra and asks what is it doing here, if anyone saw it. She says sorry, I forgot to hide it. He says we decided we will not tell anyone, if you stay careless, everyone will know about our marriage. She says we decided we will forget about marriage, its impossible, everyone is reminding me, you are biggest reminder, when I see you, I recall we got married. He says you are right, if we stay away, we can forget this, so please stay away from me. She looks at him. He goes.

Anika asks Daksh to come. She asks since when are you working. He says since college. She says oh, you are educated, even then you don’t have manners to take rich people’s name, you were calling Billu ji by name, come or will you just talk. He asks how to go. She says sit on my head, come sit on Champa. He asks Champa? She says this red scooty. He says you mean I will sit on this. She says you talk a lot, sit. He sits.

Rudra, Om and Shivaye walk thinking. Rudra thinks of his marriage. Om thinks of Tej’s words. Shivaye thinks of Anika. They all come to same point and stop. Rudra says we should talk. They sit in room. Shivaye asks Rudra to say something, since you came from all night out with Soumya, your behavior looks strange, everything okay? Om asks did anything happen in party. Shivaye asks did that Devi come in party, then party would be called aarti. Rudra says its not good to do comedy on someone’s tragedy. Shivaye asks him to relax, life has ups and downs. Om says yes, life is not in our control. Rudra says yes, but moments are in our control, I want to make this moment Dil bole oberoi moment. Om says fine, what do you want.

Rudra says something that can make us forget our problems for some time. Shivaye and Om say ya and open arms for a hug. Rudra says not a hug, I want something more than a hug. They look at him. Shivaye says Rudra, we are brothers, remember that. Om says yes, did Devi’s ghost got on him. Rudra says I want to dance with two to you. Shivaye and Om say no way. Rudra says we have to…. He plays music. Chikni Chameli……plays………. Rudra starts dancing. Shivaye laughs and dances asking Om to come. They all dance bindaas. They laugh, dance, jump and hug. Hum saath ek duje ke…….plays…………

Om says where is Priyanka, she is not answering. Jhanvi asks why are you worried. He asks did you see Priyanka. She says she went with her Nani to Guru ji ashram for meditation. He asks why suddenly. She says she said she wants to stay there for some days, I have sent her clothes. He says why is she not answering my call. She says phone is not allowed there, I spoke to mom, she is fine come with me, I need to talk.

Anika gets Daksh home and says this is Oberoi mansion, start your work, get your equipments. He asks what equipments? She asks what happened, oh hello, you are thinking to higher the charges seeing the house, I m weak in maths, but bargain well, you will get what was decided, I know everything, you see people and fix price, not seeing the work. greedy tattu. He asks what tattoo? She says so much english, you don’t know tattu. She explains him the word. He says I don’t get you seriously. She says english again. Dadi comes. Anika says Dadi, I got carpenter, tell him the work. Dadi asks carpenter? Anika says yes, he is the one. Shivaye comes. Daksh says hey Shivaye…..

Anika says can’t you say Shivaye Sir, Dadi you tell me, I will beat him. Shivaye says Daksh, so good to see you, welcome home and hugs him. Anika asks Om and Rudra did Shivaye get mad, he is hugging carpenter as if he is his childhood friend. Rudra says nice guess, he is Daksh, Shivaye’s childhood friend. Om and Rudra hug Daksh. Anika asks Dadi is he not carpenter. Shivaye asks carpenter who? Daksh says actually she thought I m carpenter. Shivaye asks Anika. She worries.

Pinky and Jhanvi come and hug Daksh. Daksh compliments Pinky. Jhanvi asks him about his architectural firm. He says its going great. Dadi asks will he not hug him. Daksh says I will have tight hug with you. He hugs Dadi. Pinky says we will go for marketing. Daksh asks marketing? Jhanvi says Pinky means shopping. They leave. Om asks Daksh how is everything else. Daksh says good. Om says I will see you, I have to complete a sculpture. Om and Rudra hug him and go. Dadi says I will get a room ready for you. Daksh thanks and kisses Dadi. Shivaye says you did not change. Daksh says childhood habit. Anika walks away. Daksh stops her and asks her name.

Shivaye says her name is Anika. Daksh says I m sure she will also know her name, right, its beautiful name, if she tells it, it will be more beautiful. Shivaye says its just Anika. Daksh forwards hand and says hi, I m Daksh. Anika shakes hands and says Anika. Daksh says it is a beautiful name. Shivaye looks on. Daksh says thanks for lift, chopper and car would be not such fun. She says sorry, I felt……

Shivaye pats on Anika’s hand and makes her hand away. He shakes hand with Daksh, and says you should be sorry, how did you think he is carpenter, nice jacket. Anika asks why, can’t carpenter wear good clothes, my lane carpenter wears costly clothes, 800, with double zeroes. Shivaye says fine, I understood, this is your mistake, you don’t accept mistakes, you just fight. She says fine, I did mistake, I had misunderstanding. He says it always happens, whats new. She says fine, but Daksh could have told me who is he. He asks could you not ask, you assumed it, he is a big architect. She asks are you mad, no right? is it written on his face that he is architect, he is standing outside railway station, would I know this in dream. Daksh smiles seeing her. Music plays…………

Anika and Shivaye argue. Daksh smiles. Shivaye says you should ask if you don’t understand. Daksh says chill, carpenter or architect, both have same work, one makes house and other decorates house. Anika says but even then sorry. Daksh says I m good in decorations, I can help you for Diwali. Anika says no thanks, this is not architect’s work, I will manage. Daksh says alright. Anika stares at Shivaye and leaves. Daksh smiles seeing her. Shivaye sees him smiling. Daksh says I like her. Shivaye looks on.

Anika passes by Daksh. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets shocked. Tia talks to Shivaye on phone and says I strongly feel that someone is enter Anika’s life, I did reiki and I have this vision, Anika will get her life partner really soon. Anika asks what are you doing. Daksh says I could stop myself, I did not see such beautiful bracelet till now, and never seen such beautiful girl. Shivaye gets shocked seeing Daksh holding her hand.







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