Home TV Ishqbaaz Written Episode 14 November 2016, Ishqbaz Written Update

Ishqbaaz Written Episode 14 November 2016, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 14.11.2016 WU – Ishqbaz 14th Nov Written Episode

The episode starts with Anika screams seeing the doll and shouts who is it. She calls Shivaay . He answers call and could not hear her. She shouts for help and knocks door asking someone to open the door. Sometime before, Shivaay is worried and recalls Daksh’s words. Om looks on and asks are you waiting for someone, is anyone coming. Shivaay says no. Om says I felt you are waiting for someone. Shivaye says no, its not true. Om says you can share it. Shivaay asks what. Om says problem. Shivaay says I have no problem, I m fine.

Rudra asks Soumya when did the matter reach marriage. Soumya says I don’t know when Reyaan’s mom spoke to Aai, and now they both want to meet to take marriage talk ahead. Rudra asks and you? Will you marry? She says I don’t know, I don’t understand anything. They both get sad.

Om says its about him right, I also feel it strange. Shivaye asks about what. Om says his behavior, sometimes dancing on Chikni Chameli and then wearing Ghagra to become Dilli wali girlfriend. Shivaye understands his words now. Om says I know he is young, but not so much, I feel he is mad. Shivaye says Rudra…. you feel this now, I feel he is mad since childhood. They laugh. Daksh and Anika come. Daksh says its kind of surprising to see Oberoi brothers laughing, nice. Shivaay looks at Anika.

Rudra asks what do you mean, Reyaan is your BF, you should be happy your parents are not playing typical villain role, no blackmailing and drama, direct marriage, its great. Soumya looks at him. Rudra sadly smiles.

Om says Daksh you know whats more surprising, you both together. Daksh says I wish this togetherness was for lifetime, but unfortunately, journey was till pickup and drop, but conversation was good. Shivaay asks good conversation, its good, did your work happen for which you went. Daksh says yes. Shivaay asks yes? Daksh says I mean, it was heart talk, heart told that to heart, right Anika. Anika nods. Shivaay says super cool…. Daksh holds Shivaye and says you know, what I want, I get after it with strong will. Shivay says I can see that. He asks Anika does she have anything to say. Anika says actually…… Daksh says actually, I can’t say, sorry, its kind of personal now, I mean Anika may have a problem to say. Shivay asks oh really?

Anika says Billu ji…. Dadi calls Anika. Anika goes. Daksh says Billu ji and teases Shivaye. Shivaay says its not funny. Daksh says fine and goes to answer call. Anika asks Dadi not to worry for Ganesh Laxmi puja, all arrangements are done. Dadi says I know you will make everything fine. She goes. Shivaay comes to Anika. He asks so? She repeats his words. He asks will you not say anything. She asks what. He says do one thing, read 2’s table. She asks table? She starts saying. He says will you just shut up. She asks whats your problem, you asked me to say and now shut up, what do you want. He says say but what I m asking. She says what to say, you did not ask till now. He asks will you say if I ask. She says if you don’t ask, am I antaryami to know. He says you are sensible. She says you want to know about puja.

He says you think so, no… She says I don’t know what you are asking, I have much work, Billu ji I m going. He holds her hand and says just stop calling me that, my name is Shivaye, just use that, Tia said right, she said someone special is going to come in your life, I felt its nonsense but its happening. She makes his hand away and says now I understand about how the relations uniting ideas are coming. He asks did you say yes. She asks what do you think. He says what I think does not matter, did you say yes or…. Daksh comes and says no…. she said no, she broke my heart. Shivaye calms down with relief. Anika says Daksh please….

Daksh says don’t worry, I m absolutely fine, I respect your decision, I m cool. Anika says I liked how you spoke your heart in bindaas way, else very few people have such courage, some people can’t say anything. She looks at Shivaye. Daksh says whats the matter, saying and looking at someone else. Shivay says stop this bad shayari, come we will talk about work. Daksh says you don’t think anything else than work, I came here for work. Shivaay says you got 2 days break and this heart break also, come. Daksh tells Anika that you said no for marriage, not for friendship, we will be friends forever right. She nods. Daksh goes. Shivaay looks at Anika and leaves.

Dadi stops Anika and asks are you leaving. Anika says yes, I promised Sahil I will take him to market and buy a Diwali gift for him, I m already late. Dadi says you told about loan for admitting Sahil in boarding school, I spoke to Shakti, it will be done. Anika thanks and hugs Dadi saying you solved my big problem. Dadi says what about you solving our many problems, you are getting late, Sahil would be waiting. Anika thanks her and leaves.

She goes to hire auto. Daksh calls her out saying stop. She asks what happened, do you want lift. He laughs and says no, tell me what are you doing day after tomorrow. She asks why. He comes close and says I have to marry you. She gets shocked. He laughs and says look at that, I was just kidding, forget it, tell me what are you doing day after tomorrow. She says how can I say it now. He says great, I will say, you are coming with me to watch a play, its famous and beautiful show, I arranged two tickets, that’s it, you are coming with me, no excuses, bye. He goes.

Anika comes home and talks to Sahil over phone. She says you are with Bua in temple, fine, I reached home. She sees the diyas at home and says great, you and Bua have lighted beautiful dhinchak diyas at home, what, you did not do this. The call gets disconnected. She says if Sahil and Bua did not light diyas, who has come inside the house and lighted the diyas. A black doll with scary ugly face falls down in front of her. Anika screams seeing it. She holds the doll and tries making a call by her phone. Her phone gets stuck and the camera gets on. She throws the doll. She loks around and asks who is there, see I don’t like this joke, come infront.

She gets a call and answers. The man asks are you scared Anika, don’t worry, I m close to you, can’t you see. She asks who are you. He says you will worry now, you did not do good. She asks why, what did I do and holds cushion. He says I wish I was there instead this cushion. She throws cushion and phone, and goes to shut window. He says you can’t run away from my sight if you shut window. She asks what do you want. She picks doll and throws it. He says I m close to you Anika. She shuts ears and screams.

Shivaay comes to Daksh and asks are you not ready, you remember we have to go for school reunion dinner. Daksh says I remember. Shivaay asks will we have dinner on internet. Daksh says no, I was sending imp mail, done, lets go. Shivaay asks in these clothes. Daksh says what’s wrong with these clothes, who will see in darkness. Shivaay asks darkness? Daksh says I forgot to tell you, party venue changed, we are going to disc. Shivaay asks reunion disc. Daksh says we are not going to crack a business deal, we are going to party, Billu ji. Shivaay says don’t call me that. Daksh says Anika can call that and I can’t, that’s not fair. Love is such thing, my heartbeat got faster on taking her name. Anika calls Shivaay .

Daksh takes the phone and says let me talk to her. Shivay says call is for me, I have to talk. Daksh says at least let me hear her voice. He answers. Anika says hello Billu ji….. Daksh says it got disconnected. Shivaay says what do you mean, how….. Anika calls again and says balance over….. Shivaye calls back and says network…. Daksh asks are we not getting late now and takes phone. Shivaay says let me call her back, it maybe imp. Daksh says she will call again if its imp, come lets go. Shivaay thinks why was Anika calling at night, I hope everything is alright.

Soumya sits sad. Rudra goes to Soumya and sees jewelry sets, clothes. He asks whats all this. She says Reyaan’s mom have sent proposal officially, she wants me to wear one of these clothes and jewelry set when mom and I go to meet their family. Rudra gets sad and jokes saying its your full on marriage week, one marriage free with other. She says stop it, I m not in mood to joke. He says I know your mood is bad, but you did not say why.

She says whats the use to say, you won’t understand. He holds her and says Soumya, explain me, maybe I will understand, whats happening, you said this marriage has no meaning and its joke, when I joke, you get confused and confuse me too, we will clear everything today, does this marriage mean anything to you or not. She says no. He says then you don’t need t be upset and I don’t need to be confused, right. She says right. He says fine, we will not talk about this marriage, I know we decide this always, but today this chapter will end here, okay. She says okay and smiles. Both of them get sad.

Anika runs to call Shivaay from landline. She sees landline not working. She gets the wire cut off. She gets scared and says what to do now. She says I will call by neighbor’s phone. She goes to door and could not open it. She asks is anyone there, open the door. She gets too frightened.

The door opens. Anika gets down the bed/sofa to go. Someone holds her feet. She hits the person’s hand with a hammer and runs. She sits in some corner. Someone walks to her and holds her hand. She gets scared..

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