Ishqbaaz Written Episode 22 November 2016, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 22.11.2016 WU

The episode starts with Daksh says Anika will stay with me tonight. Shivaay asks are you mad, you both just got engaged, not marriage. Daksh says engagement means Suhaagraat. asays don’t you dare, if you touch her, I will break your hands. Daksh says I challenge you, Anika will spend the night with me, in my arms, you see it. Sometime before, Anika rests in Sahil’s lap and cries. She thinks of Daksh and a. She gets Daksh’s call. She asks Sahil to go. Sahil goes.

Anika answers the call. Daksh says you left without saying, you did not even say bye. She says Daksh, Sahil was alone at home so… He says its okay, I would have dropped you if you said, that’s all. She sees Shivaye’s pic in the newspaper and sits crying. She hugs the pic. Daksh says Anika, are you crying. She says no. He sees Anika
on live feeds and tries to hold her. He recalls stalking Anika. She gets angry and says don’t lie, I can clearly see you are crying Anika.

She asks what do you mean its seen clearly? He says I mean, by my heart eyes, I can know by your voice that you are crying, why…… He wears the hood and recalls the doll. He stares at Anika’s pic on projector and touches it. He says I want give you happiness of the world, every sorrow has to face me before reaching you, whoever gets tear in your eyes, I will throw him out of your life. He sees Shivaye’s pic and says whatever your past, I m your present, if you think of your past, I will feel much bad, I just want you to be happy, I want to become reason of that happiness.

Anika says Daksh… He hears her on phone. She says I m tired, shall I talk tomorrow/ He says okay, goodnight my love. She holds Shivaye’s pic and cries. Daksh says I knew Anika has feelings for a, its wrong, love with him and marriage with me, no this won’t work Anika. Daksh burns Shivaye’s pic and says love with him, marriage with me…. you don’t see my love and just see a, why, I will not let your love get fulfilled.

Its morning, Anika comes to Oberoi house. asees her. She sees the ring. Nazdeek hai dil ke…… Shivay looks at the ring. She goes. Om calls Rudra and asks where are you, I m calling since long, you are not answering, sometimes behave like a responsible adult. The man on the other side of the call and says I m Rudra’s basketball coach. Om says sorry, can you pass phone to Rudra. The man says I m sorry, he is busy in practice, you can give me any message, I will tell him. Om says I had to know if he is fine. The man says he is fine, he will call you once he gets free. Rumi says good job, I will see who makes my Rudra Dev away from me. Shivaye looks at Anika. Ishq me adhura sa…….plays………………. Anika goes.

Om says his coach answered call, Rudra is busy in practice. Soumya says okay, is he fine. Om says his coach said he is fine. Soumya thinks why do I feel Rudra is in some problem. Rudra is at Rumi’s house and tied my chains. Rumi says this had to happen, knowing I m Devi, you lied to me, cheated me, and broke my heart, if we did not marry. I would have shown my angry side, I m giving you another chance as you are my Devta, till you accept we are husband and wife, you will stay here, will you agree. He says no. She says you will be responsible for it. Rudra gets shocked seeing the nails put on the ground. Rumi tells the man that you all know what to do with Rudra. Rudra shouts no.

Anika is in kitchen. Shivaye goes to her. She leaves. Anika does her work and sits holding her aching head. Shivaye looks on. He calls the driver and says drop Anika home, not now, after her work ends, ask her. Daksh comes and says whats the need of driver. Shivaye says its needed, Anika is tired, its late, driver will drop her home. Daksh says if she does not want to go, then. Shivaye says Anika never stays back, she has younger brother Sahil, she never leaves him alone.

Daksh says Sahil is there even now, and I m also here, so Anika will stay with me tonight. Shivaye asks why. Daksh says you are Bholuram, why will a guy and girl stay together. Shivaye asks are you mad, you both just got engaged, marriage did not happen. Daksh asks are you kidding me, shall I marry Anika? Shivaye says yes, it happens, first engagement and then marriage happens. Daksh says these days, engagement should not mean marriage, it means Suhaagraat. Shivaye says Daksh…. Daksh says engagement is such trap which is thrown to trap girls like Anika, I came here and met random girl, I get mad in her love and get ready to marry her, is that possible, no, engagement is plan to trap middle class girls like Anika, if this drama of engagement and promises is not done, then she doesn’t let touch her.

Shivaye says what nonsense, you said you love her. Daksh says its not tax on words, I just said, else how would talk reach till engagement, see I have come for roaming and fun, I will have fun with Anika. Shivaye gets angry and says just shut up, else I will forget you are my friend, I did not know your thinking is so cheap. Anika is not such girl, if you try to take advantage of her, no one will be worse than me, stay in your limits. Daksh asks why, what is she to you. He bites his collar in anger. He asks Shivaye why are you possessive about her, don’t feel bad, I gave her a costly ring, I will take its price. Shivaye says don’t you dare, if you touch her, I will break your hand. Daksh asks why are you getting angry, I will not force her for anything, whatever will happen will be by her wish. Shivaye says Anika is not such girl. Daksh asks will you bet, I challenge you, tonight Anika will spent with me, in my arms, bed and room, you come in morning and see this. He says you see it yourself and goes.

Shivaye looks at Anika. She is busy in work. Shivaye goes to her and says enough of work, go home. She talks of work. He asks did you not listen, go home. He sends the servants. She says my work did not end yet. He says what I said, that’s it, go home. She says I will not go till my work ends. He holds her and says don’t test my patience, I said go home, it means go home. She asks what’s your problem if I stay, I m doing work, not time pass, I will go when work ends. He throws her diary and says don’t be adamant. He holds her hand and takes her out of the house. He makes her sit in the car and sends her.

Daksh wears his shirt, while Anika makes the sheets proper. Shivaye comes to Daksh’s room and gets shocked seeing this. He recalls Daksh’s words. Daksh holds Anika and talks.

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