Home TV Ishqbaaz Written Episode 25 April 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Ishqbaaz Written Episode 25 April 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 25th April 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaaz 25.04.2017 Written Episode 

Today’s Ishqbaaz 25 April 2017 episode starts with Guruji asking Anika about her family background. Anika tells Shivaay that she has no surname, no gotra, no Naam, Khoon, and Khandan. Shivaay gets shocked. Sometime back… Anika senses Shivaay’s tension and asks him about it.

Shivaay remembers Pinky asking for Anika’s family details. Shivaay offers Coffee to Anika without answering her. Anika notices Shivaay’s broken phone and asks him what made Shivaay so angry. Shivaay pulls Anika and hugs her tightly and getting emotional, but yet refuses to tell anything to Anika. Shivaay consoles Anika by saying that he will take care of everything and Anika need not worry. Shivaay says he was worried as Anika was out and was not answering his calls. Anika tells Shivaay that she had gone to Goodluck Chawl. 

Shivaay gets angry and fires Anika for taking such risk. Anika says she feels Mahi is not that bad, Shivaay comes to know Mahi’s name. Anika says she wanted to know how come Shivaay and Mahi look same, Shivaay says his eyes are different and anything is possible with medical science. Anika says she wants to know why Mahi saved Shivaay, Shivaay scolds Anika and asks her to keep away and walks off angrily. Anika thinks that there is some connection amid Mahi and Shivaay and she will find it anyhow.

Next day morning, Shivaay thinks of ensuring that Anika gets her due respect in Kulgotra Puja. Shivaay takes medicine for cold, Anika tries to stop him, Shivaay refuses to listen to Anika. Anika sees one particular medicine which she had seen in Mahi’s house. Shivaay says it is for his heart condition, Anika gets shocked realizing that Mahi too has the same ailment like Shivaay. Anika tries to connect the dots of all the events and thinks if Shivaay and Mahi are twins. Anika runs to the laundry room to look for Shivaay’s blood stained shirt. Anika finds it but gets stopped by Pinky. Pinky tells Anika to get ready for Kulgotra Puja. Anika hides the shirt and sneaks it. Guruji asks for Anika’s family details, Pinky stops Shivaay from answering and tells him to wait for Anika. As Anika comes, Khanna informs Anika of giving the shirt for DNA test, Anika asks Khanna to keep it a secret. Anika sits next to Shivaay. Dadi tells Anika about Kulgotra puja. Guruji asks Anika about her parents. Pinky forces Anika to answer, Anika gets shocked. Shivaay answers with the name of Sahil’s father, Anika tries to stop Shivaay, Shivaay tells Anika that he will handle it. Shivaay starts answering Guruji’s questions, Anika gets nervous. Anika disagrees with Shivaay but Shivaay asks Guruji to fill information in the Pati. Anika stops Guruji and reveals that Sahil is not her real brother. Anika informs that Sahil’s parents had adopted her. Anika says she is only Anika and has no Naam, Khoon, and Khandan. Anika says she has no identity, Shivaay gets shocked, everyone is shocked, Pinky makes the drama of getting worried and compares Anika with a dog. Pinky asks Shivaay what to do. Shivaay says the Puja can’t tale place and walks off, Anika gets shattered. Shivaay gets engulfed in darkness and thinks of Anika’s words. Shivaay gets a call from Anika but doesn’t answer. Anika informs Shivaay through voice call that she cannot change her truth and that Shivaay’s ideology is important to him, Anika apologizes for not revealing the truth earlier. Anika says she had forgotten that she is an orphan. Anika asks Shivaay that is his ideology more important than the relation Anika and Shivaay share. Anika says she wants to know from Shivaay if he still considers Anika as his wife. Anika cries bitterly. Shivaay comes there and says that Anika doesn’t look nice while crying. Anika runs to Shivaay and hugs him tight.


Shivaay reaches a house and knocks on it. A girl opens the door, Shivaay asks for Anika. Anika tells the girl to inform Shivaay that Anika is not home, Anika throws water on Shivaay.


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