Home TV Ishqbaaz Written Update 25th July 2017, Ishqbaaz Written Episode

Ishqbaaz Written Update 25th July 2017, Ishqbaaz Written Episode

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 25 July 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaaz 25.07.2017 Written Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 25th July 2017 episode starts with everyone woriied about sudden power failure in Oberoi Mansion and some goons enter Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay, Rudra, Omkara and everyone get trapped by goons and guns. Some time back…

Bhavya and Anika reach Police Station to check the details of duplicate Siddharth’s phone. Meanwhile Ragini does some drama, Shivaay goes to call the Commissioner. Ragini gets happy.

Bhavya and Ragini get the details of Sidharth’s duplicate phone location and turns out to be Oberoi Mansion. Anika tries to speak to Shivaay but Kinnars enter the house. Shivaay cannot understand what Anika is trying to tell him.

She tries to tell Shivaay that Siddharth is in Oberoi Mansion. Samar is seen between the kinners. Samar sneaks out, Ragini screams, Shivaay runs inside, Samar enters Oberoi Mansion behind Shivaay, Samar pushes Shivaay and runs, Shivaay follows, Shivaay gets hold of Samar who is wearing a helmet. Samar hits Shivaay and runs away.

Anika reaches there and gets worried about Shivay. Anika tries to tell the truth to Shivaay, but he screams at her and does not believe her. He shows Anika how Ragini is hurt.

Meanhwhile Omkara and Gauri are taking care of Gauri together. They both go close to Pari and their heads bang into each other. The doctor calls to inform the medicine, Gauri baffles up the name, Omkara gets annoyed and leaves. Pinky comes and taunts Gauri on being illiterate, Gauri cries.

Later, Bhavya sees Pari aand Rudra and gets emotional as she has to leave Oberoi Mansion.  She takes a pictures of Rudra and leaves. She gets into the car. The driver of the car is dead and Bhavya is shocked.

Someone points a gun on Bhavya’s head. He tells her that Sultan is alive and is coming. The guy hits Bhavya and she gets unconscious.

Shivaay fires Khanna over security. Shivaay and Anika argue over Ragini and Siddharth. Omkara and Gauri argue over the medicine name. Rudra tries to give a bath to Pari and goes to get rubber duckie from Omkara’s room leaving her in the bathtub.

He tells everyone that Bhavya is missing. Bhavya regains consciousness and remembers about the guy who gave her Sultan’s message.  She calls the commissioner and informs him.

Later, some men enter the Oberoi mansion by beating up Khanna. They cut the CCTV wires.

Shivaay, Rudra, Omkara and girls are worried about Bhavya. They are again shocked with sudden power failure.

Bhavya gets shocked to see Oberoi security injured and thinks that Sultan’s men have attacked. Goons enter Oberoi Mansion and trap Shivaay, Omkara, Rudra, Anika and Gauri at gun point.

Bhavya  hides herself and counts the goons. Flower vase falls near Bhavya, Shivaay beats up a goon, all the goons point guns at Shivaay. Anika starts arguing with Shivaay while being held at a gun point.  The goon gets irked and warns them.

Rudra realizes that Pari is alone in the bathtub. Omkara tries to move away, a goon points a gun at him. Goons get irked at Shivaay and Anika. Gauri starts arguing with the goon.

These men are looking for someone in Oberoi Mansion but can’t find her. Omkara goes to talk to the goon and tries to talk sensibly, goon kicks Omkara, Shivaay and Rudra beat up the goon. Other goons hit Rudra and Shivaay and tie the Oberoi brothers on chairs. The goon points the gun at Shivaay, Anika comes in between and warns the goon. The goon reminds Anika that Shivaay and Anika are divorced. Anika tells the goon to shoot her first. Omkara and Rudra defend Anika, Gauri comes forward too. Shivaay tells the goon to shoot him.

Just then Bhavya comes and requests the men to leave Oberoi brothers and girls. Bhavya tells goon that she will give away the locket. But the men reveal that they want the baby. Everyone gets shocked. The goons look for Pari.

A man reaches the bathroom. However, Pari is missing in the bathtub. Goon points gun at Rudra, Bhavya holds his hand and starts fighting with the goons. Anika and Gauri join Bhavya and beat up the goons. A goon points gun at Rudra, Bhavya, Anika, Gauri get shocked. Dadi, Shakti and Pinky enter the house and get shocked.

Ishqbaaz 26th July 2017 Precap:

Anika and Shivaay are worried about each other. Shivaay and Anika hold Pari close to them.


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