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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 07 September 2017 Written Episode, IPKKND3 Written Update

Star Plus serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 07th September 2017 Written Update, IPKKND3 07 September 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (07.09.2017) Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 episode starts with Advay asks nani who is she accepting Chandni after what her family did to theirs. Advay tells her that he cant accept a girl like Chandni as his wife. She gave up her own child and he thinks that shes only come here to take revenge from him.

Nani tells him that hes wrong but he disagrees. Chandni tells Pooja while working that shes making noodle dishes, but Advay listens to her and calls her Miss. Badbad. Chandni remembers Dev saying that to her. Advay tells Chandni to add mushrooms in every dish, she says no but he tells her if she doesn’t then he’ll hurt her mom. Chandni doesn’t understand, he takes her to the room and shows her a video where the goons are telling Indrani that they will take the house if the money is not paid and she’ll be on the roads.

Chandni asks him how could he do this to Adi. She taunts him for using Adi as the bait. Adi comes in the kitchen and tells her to make jelly custard. Chandni goes t her room tot change and sees a box in the cupboard she goes to open it but nani calls her to come at the dinner table. Chandni lifts the lids and masi shouts at her for adding mushrooms and slaps her, nani doesn’t believe it she asks if she added them or no, she says yes and Advay tells her to leave the house after what shes done.

Nani believes Advay and says she failed to recognize a person. Advay doesn’t let her explain. When he goes to throw her out she stops him and tells her that she doesn’t hurt family to hurt some stranger and she herself is leaving the house. She asks nani to forgive her. Chandni is at the beach when her bag opens up and the box opens too and she sees a heart locket with her and devs picture, she remembers all the time he was the same as Dev and realization strikes her and aks herself why did he not tell her that’s hes Dev and why does he hate her family so much.


Chandni returns to Advays house and hugs him. She asks him where he has been and why did he not tell her, how could he forget her? she tells him that now he come back to her after all her prayers.


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