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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 Written Episode 04 July 2017 IPKKND3 Written Update

Star Plus serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 04th July 2017 Written Update, Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 Written Update 04 July 2017, IPKKND3 04th July 2017 Written Update

Today’s Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 04.07.2017 episode starts with Advay is trying to save the statue from falling and his friend also helps him when he loses control.

Advay calculates the statues architect and tells everyone to leave the ropes. Another man comes and taunts him for being a professor and orders another man to hold the ropes but Advay fights them while holding the rope. All the people come behind him and help him with the task. They save the statue from falling. Indrani is left surprised. Chandni tries to get out of the house but remembers her past and is walking towards the temple, Advay sees Chandni with immense hatred.
Chandni prays to Shiva that I will never get tired of your test but never forget me. Advay remembers the time when Chandni betrayed him, he remembers when she told the people he saw him mother flying and asks him if his mother is a witch. He promises himself that he’ll pay back. Meanwhile, Shaatu is seen talking to the kinnars that there is no place for people of your kind in the temple. They tell her that the old pandit used to invite us with respect and we have all the rights to enter the temple

The women fight back the man who hits a Kinnar by clapping furiously and gives him a curse but Chandni says sorry to them and request them to let her family go and they can pray in the temple and tells her family that they will stand ahead of us because they have both Shiva and Sati inside them. Indrani tells her family to not interfere and let the kinnars come in. The head kinnar warns the man that shiva is furious with them and he’s come down to finish your heir. Advay is seen entering and tells the man that only Chandni can save them now. The ladies at the temple keep talking about how Chandni took a year to come out and who will marry her after what happened and how she’s become unholy. The ladies say that once a glass is cracked the crack can never be filled. Advay is listening to all the talks and talks to himself saying that its only a crack right now look how he breaks the glass. Indrani praises Chandni and tells the maid to bath her before the aarti. Indrani tells the lady that today 2 omens were saved because of the boy and Chandni. She thanks Advay but he tells her that he did not do it for her. Advay tells her that the omen has been stopped but not finished, remember that. Chandni is seen getting ready for the aarti . Chandni remembers how her friend Dev was also getting ready for the aarti when his father was the head Pandit. FB: Dev is seen putting chandan and Chandni teases him that only girls can put chandan. Dev tells her to call him with respect because hes 8 years elder to her, end of FB. Advay and Chandni remember the time he was being purified and tells Chandni that before the aarti the mahants Eldest heir has to be purified. Hearing this Chandni tells him  that you should be purified from inside but your beimaan because you do all the wrongs things and gives him a count. Advay speaks to himself and says that a lot has changed over the past 16 years and today I will show the world the real you.


Chandni informs the foreigners about a Gita saag in Sanskrit. Advay comes there and tells her that if you explain the foreigners in Hindi the geeta saag will remain with you only and starts leaving. She continues with the chant, Advay turns and tells her that whenever I think I know you, you suddenly change, Chandini tells him that your saying this as if you know me. Advay interrupts her by saying that she should address elders with Aap. Chandni understands its Dev. Later at night Advay tries burning Chandni’s saree.



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