Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More Gossips – Pregnancy drama, Adhiraj to get closer to Devi ahead

Zee TV serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More latest news, JGTPM upcoming twists

In the ongoing track of Zee TV popular serial Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More we have seen that on side Adhiraj (Krip Suri) and Ma saa are planning to kill Devi (Yesha Rugnai) during the puja for Kesar and Mukun (Adhiraj’s brother).

Maa Saa thinks that there would be birth of a child (Kesar and Mukund’s child) with death of Devi.

At the same time, Devi has vowed to change Adhiraj from an evil person to a good man which is his real personality. She wants him to get out of his mther’s shadow who has been wrongly guiding him for sake for revenge.

Devi has been faking to be pregnant after she has got to know of Adhiraj deciding to end her life owing to his mother’s beliefs. In order to get a strong hold on Adhiraj’s heart and mind, Devi has played on the cards of pregnancy. However, the truth would be that she would use it as a trump card to get Adhiraj closer to her.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of JGTPM, it would be seen that Devi would reveal in front of Maa Saa that she is pregnant. Maa would obviously be shocked with this development. There would be Devi’s agni parisksha drama where Maa Saa would ask Devi to walk on burning coal. Adhiraj would come to Devi’s rescue and stop her from Maa Saa’s torture.

Further, viewers will get to see some cute moments between the couple with Adhiraj believing in Devi and getting closer to her, because of the kid.

Stay tuned to this space for latest gossips, spoilers and upcoming story of Jeet Gayi Toh Piya More.

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