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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14 November 2019 Written Update

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum latest news, KHKT upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Veena asks Pooja to get Sonakshi to the wedding mandap. Raima is much tensed to take Sonakshi’s place and marry Rohit. She worries what if Sonakshi comes back in time but Sulochana asks her not to worry much.

Raima tells Sulochana to get her oxygen cylinder else she would get caught easily. Pooja sees Raima in bridal attire and questions her about it. Raima tries to mislead Pooja.

Meanwhile, Mahesh gets Sonakshi dressed a his bride. He tells her how crazy he has been for her over the last few years and he has been following her right from the day of her audition for Parvati’s role. He tells her that he has got a bridal set for her from the sets. He tells her that he loves her a lot and Rohit can’t love her enough like he does. He shows off his tattoo to her. He tells her that no one take her away from him and he will marry her and take her to his village away from everyone else.

Mahesh asks Sonakshi to get ready for the marriage. He reveals that he does not care about his wife and kids whom he is ready to leave for his love Sonakshi. Raima manages to convince Pooja that Rohit wants to marry her and not Sonakshi. She tells her that Rohit is aware that she is the bride. She had expressed her feeling to him and he had accepted her. She also lies that Sonakshi has sacrificed her love for Rohit and her sake. She says that Rohit and Sonakshi have mutually agreed to call off their marriage as Rohit wants to marry her. Pooja is confused and unable to believe this. Raima tells her that Rohit wants to hide this truth now and Sonakshi will explain the family later.

Pari flirts with Akhil to make Rohan jealous while Rohan is busy in taking care of his wife Tanya. Mahesh gets ready as a groom to marry Sonakshi She tries to save herself and and injures him with a blade. Mahesh gets much upset and tells her that she made a big mistake and forced him to hurt her. He gets rude anddrags her to the mandap to forcibly marry her.

Later, Pooja talks to Rohit and questions him about his decision for Raima. Rohit tells her about Raima’s shocking move and how he spoke to Sonakshi about it. Pooja happens to misunderstands Rohit’s words and thinks that he really wants to marry Raima. Rohit tells Pooja not to share this with anyone.

Suman wants to meet Sonakshi whike Raima tries to hide her face from Suman behind her ghoongat. Sonakshi gets help from some kinnars and saves herself from Mahesh’s trap. Mahesh gets beaten up by the kinners. They threaten to burn him alive. They protect are ready to do anything to protect their very own Parvati. They ask Sonakshi to go for her marriage. Sonakshi gets much grateful and blessings from the kinners.

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