Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20 January 2020 update: Rohit blames Sonakshi for breaking his family

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 20th January 2020 Written Update

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. Veena feels that Suman is telling the truth and stops Rohit from taking a swear on Sonakshi to reveal the truth.

Suman tells Veena about Nearn donating blood for Pooja at the time of her suicide and how Rohit and Yash covered up the truth. Veena is shocked and gets upset witha Naren for his betrayal and Rohit for not telling him the truth. Suman tells Veena that her entire family has fooled her. Rohit gets very upset with Sonakshi as he thinks that she had told her mother their fanily secret and cheated him. Suman leaves.

Sonakshi tries to tell Rohit that she did not tell the secret to Suman. Veena faints down. Rohit worries for his mum. He hates Naren. Pooja too hates Naren. She gets grateful to Yash and Nishi for loving her so much but is much hurt with Naren’s lies. Rohit rushes to do first aid for Veena and finds her having seizures. He does not let Naren and Sonakshi help Veena. He helps Veena recover.

Sonakshi wants to take care of Veena but Rohit tells Tanya to attend her. He does not talk to her and remains upset that she told his family secret to Suman and blames her for breaking his family. Sona tells him that she will find the person who told the truth to Suman but he warns her not to hurt his family anymore.

Sonakshi goes to meet Suman. She tells her to name the person who told her Pooja’s truth. Suman gets upsets that Sonakshi is not supporting Pari as Rohan is equally wrong just like Pari. Sonakshi tells Suman that her mariage is at stake. Suman remains upset and tells Sonakshi to sort out her issues on her own with Sippy family.

Nishi and Yash worry for Pooja. Naren also wants to talk to Pooja and apologize to her. Naren and Rohit get into argument as Naren blames Suman and Sonakshi to break the family.

Ajit meets Sonakshi and reveals that he had told the truth to Suman in his drunk state. He begs her to hide this from Rohit. Sonakshi agrees. Veena gains consciousness. She gets into denial and behaves like nothing happened. Rohit knows his mother is in shock and slaps her to get out of her pain. He regrets slapping his mother but he does it as a doctor. He feels very guilty. He tells Veena to face the truth that Naren cheated her and Pooja is his illegitimate daughter. Veena accepts the truth but break ties with Naren and Rohit. She reprimands Rohit for keeping her from the truth and says that she is dead for him now. This hurts him more.

Rohit is much shattered and keeps him away from everyone. Soankshi wants to comfort him but feels helpless. Rohit shouts his hatred for Sonakshi and blames her for breaking his mother and his lovely family.

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