Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 26 July 2019 Written Update – Rohit sends legal notice to Sonakshi of 15 crores

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. Rohit does not know that Sonakshi has saved his sister Pooja’s reputation by stooping the wardrobe malfunction news from getting published. He is convinced that Sonakshi and her family had planned this mishap and wants her to pay a big price for it.

Pari is upset with Sonakshi and asks her happiness does not matter to her. Sonakshi tells her not to be upset as she loves her a lot. She tells Pari that she will always be a heroine for her. Pari gets ready for her first ad shoot. Sonakshi decides to drop her at the shoot. Pari and Sonakshi bond again. Nishi talks to Yash’s mother and finds out that Yash had come to the hospital while she was waiting for him at the fashion show event.

Pooja also gets an ad shoot offer and gets very happy with the opportunity. Pooja’s family too gets happy for her and asks her become a strong person and move on from the bad episode. Rohit also decides to drop Pooja at the ad shoot location. Co-incidentally it happens to be the same venue as Pari’s add shoot. Rohit’s car passes by Sonakshi’s car while she is waiting outside and spills mud on her face. Rohit gets insulting Sonakshi while he taunts her that she deserves it. He says you are like a black cat who will come in my family’s way whenever there is something good in store for us. She says your thought as bad as you are and things have to go wrong with me since you are around me. Sonakshi gets much upset with his bitter words and leaves.

Pari gets to know that she will not be shooting for the ad anymore as Pooja will be replacing her. Pari sees Pooja. Rohit and Pooja get into an argument with Pari as they blame Sonakshi. Pari defends her sister as she knows Sonakshi can never ruin another woman’s image.

Sonakshi meets Amrita and tells her that she doubts Sumit to be behind the wardrobe malfunction mishap. Amrita does not agree and tells Sonakshi she is wrong. Sonakshi is sure that Sumit is behind all of this and tells Amrita that she will soon prove it. Sonakshi follows Amrita and sees her meting Sumit and gets more doubtful about Sumit’s hand behind the mishap with Pooja.

Sonakshi and Suman are shocked as they get a legal notice from Rohit where they are asked to pay Rs. 15 crores for Pooja’s defamation. Sonakshi get determined to prove her innocence and prove Sumit is the real culprit.

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