Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Spoilers: Nishi kills Naren, blames Sonakshi for his suicide

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum latest news: Nishi’s real face gets exposed

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Suman wants to get married to a nice guy soon and wants to end tensions with Sippy family. Tanya files a complaint against Pari and gets her arrested for prostitution charges. Suman is shocked with this while Sonakshi is unaware of it.

Sonakshi gets a parcel and finds out that Rohit has filed divorce papers for Naren and Veena. She does not want Rohit to become the head of the family and take decisions. She asks him how can he decide if his parents should get divorced and she should let Veena take decision regarding her marriage. She understands his pain but tells him to give some space to Veena before taking such big step. She explains him that he is a doctor and if a patient has problem with his heart, then he does not take it out and end his life. However, Rohit is not ready to understand and stands by his decision.

Rohan finds out that Tanya got Pari arrested and yells at her. Rohan rushes to save Pari. Rohit gives divorce papers to Veena and asks her to get free from Naren. Veena gets in a dilemma. Some NGO protestors come outside Sippy mansion and defame Naren for his characterless deeds and ask to get him punished. Sonakshi tries to stop them but they ask her to do the right thing by punishing Naren as she is the famous Parvati.

Things get ugly as the protestors try to blacken Naren’s face but Veena stops them by shooting in the air. She supports Naren and tells the ladies that she will decide about her marriage and not anyone else. She also does not want anyone to call Pooja illegitimate. Naren thinks that Veena has forgiven him.

Veena tells Naren that she has not forgiven him but she wants to keep the family united. Rohan gets pari out of jail and drops her home. Suman thanks him but gets rude to him and says that he should not meet pari again. He tells Suman that he loves Pari a lot. Suman tells Rohan that their love is a sin and asks him to first get divorced from Tanya and then he can marry Pari.

Naren gets the family together and informs everyone that he has transferred all his property in Pooja and Veena’s name. He apologizes to Veena and Pooja, since he has hurt them a lot by his big mistake. Veena does not want him to compensate for his mistakes by giving away the wealth. Naren tells that he will sign the papers in front of them tomorrow. Nishi gets upset with Naren’s decision and decides to confront him over property matters.

Rohan come sback home shouts at Tanya for getting Pari arrested for cheap charges. Sonakshi is shocked to learn this. Tanya thinks Pari is nothing but a mistress for Rohan and doesn’t have any regret for getting Pari arrested.

Sonakshi tells Tanya that she did wrong with Pari. Rohit also agrees with Sonakshi on this. Rohan announces that he will divorce Tanya. Veena asks him not to become crazy and supports Tanya. Rohit tells Sonakshi that is Rohan and Tanya’s marriage fails then their marriage will also suffer.

Nishi meets Naren and question hims over property transfer. Her real face gets revealed. She never loves Pooja but only took care of her to take money from Naren for fulfilling her luxurious needs. They get into an argument.

Nishi pushes Naren off the balcony to kill him and blames Sonakshi for Naren’s suicide attempt. Naren is rushed to Sippy hospital. Rohit and Veena are in bigger shock with Nishi’s accusation on Sonakshi.

How will Sonakshi find out the truth and prove her innocence? Will Naren die? Will Rohit and Sonakshi get separated? We will have to wait and watch!

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