Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum spoilers: Rohit-Sonakshi meet at park, Sonakshi in danger

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum upcoming twists, KHKT spoilers

The makers of Star Plus show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) are leaving no efforts to entertain the viewers with interesting twists in the story line.

In the ongoing track, we have seen that Nishi instigates Veena and blames Sonakshi for being responsible for Naren’s suicide attempt. She further uses pre-nuptial agreement against Sonakshi. Rohit misunderstands Sonakshi that she signed the pre-nup to claim 80% of Naren’s property after Rohit and her divorce. This creates a big misunderstanding between Rohit and Sonakshi as Rohit thinks that Sonakshi has broken his trust and she is not the girl hwom he loved so much.

Now, in the coming episodes, we will see things getting more worse between Rohit and Sonakshi as Rohit will demand divorce from Sonakshi.

Further, Sonakshi would have learned that Naren didn’t attempt suicide and someone from Sippy family tried to kill him over property matters. The cops give her a clean chit and asks her help to find out the real culprit. When Rohit demands for divorce, Sonakshi gets helpless to make big demands from him as divorce condition. She does this to stop him for their divorce. Things get heated up between the two and they step out of the house angrily.

They both are mush sad and upset. They head to their secret place to get some peace. Rohit and Sonakshi meet at the park area once again. Sonakshi tries to end their differences and explains him that she isn’t responsible for Naren’s state, she didn’t ask for any property. Rohit pushes her back and she slips down the railing.

Sonakshi shouts for help. Rohit gets tensed and rushes to save her. He pulls her upwards like she saved him when they met first. They have a moment of hope. Sonakshi tells Rohit that she can never harm his family. He doesn’t believe her and pulls his gifted bracelet from her hand. Sonakshi gets much hurt with his anger. She decides to expose Naren’s culprit and clear her name.

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