Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum update: Rohit informs Sonakshi about Pari’s pregnancy

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Here’s what will happen in today’s (19.02.2020) episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Rohit takes of Sonakshi who is in intoxicated state. She shares with him how he reminds her of her husband who abandoned her. She says that he claimed to loved her but when she needed him to be there for her, he failed. She regrets falling in love with him. Rohit feels much gulity but does not say anything. Sonakshi’s conversation gets recorded on her phone by mistake which will eventually be the reason for their reunion.

Sonakshi continues telling him that may be her husband was under family’s pressure and how she is angry with him from throwing her out of his house and life. She says that she loved his family a lot even more than him but her love was not sufficient. She talks about Nishi and her evil deeds. Rohit is aware of it but he is helpless too. Rohit feels bad when she says how she has lost everything in life.

Sonakshi loses consciousness. Rohit calls Sumit and asks him to take care of Sonakshi and take her home. He decides to get the fraud producer get arrested. Sumit tells him that there are many producers like him and how Sonakshi is need of work too. Rohit assures Sumit that he will get Ranjan arrested and not let any wrong person reach Sonakshi.

Sumit takes Sonakshi home. Suman thanks Sumit for saving Sonakshi and asks him if he likes Sonakshi. he says that he likes her as a friend and is thankful to her from bringing positive changes in her. Suman asks him to marry Sonakshi, He refuses. She still asks hi m to think about his decision ans she things that his friendship can become Sonakshi’s strength. She tells him that love which changes with time but friendship remains the same.

Pari comes to meet the doctor at the same cafe but leaves when no one turns up. She does not know that Rohit wanted to meet her. Rohan and his friend Rahul follow her. Rohit meets Pari and confronts her about her pregnancy. he asks her not to ruin her life using the baby. She reminds him of breaking Sonakshi’s heart. She tells him that he can’t stop her from ruining Rohan’s life. She wants to enter Sippy mansion using her baby. Rohan kidnaps to kidnap her and forces her to consume abortion pills. Rohit stops him and scolds him for his move. He slaps Rohan and asks him to think about his won baby. He tells Rohan that he is not the father of Pari’s child.

Suman and Sonakshi get worried about Pari as she does not reach home or answer their calls. They see Pari with Rohit. He informs them about Pari’s pregnancy and they get much shocked. Rohit makes Pari expel the pill and takes care of Pari.

Meanwhile, Nishi bribes a Pandit who sees Rohit’s kundali and tells Veena that Rohit will be facing lot of problems ahead and she should get him married again.

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