Kahaan Hum Khaan Tum update: Nishi fake suicide drama ahead

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum (KHKT) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Nishi confronts Sonakshi over spying in her room. She insults Sonakshi and her family.

Saonakhsi warns Nishi that she will not tolerate anybody’s filth. She tells her that she has given this right to Rohit as she loves him and he can vent out his anger on her. She questions Nishi about her class as a Sippy family member who tries to kill her own brother and forges signatures to frame others. She tells her about the proofs she has found in her room and thinks that either Nishi or Yash are responsible for trying to kill Naren.

Nishi gets tensed a lot knowing that Sonakshi is close to the truth. She pushes Sonakshi with her left hand. Sonakshi holds her hands and says you have tried to kill your own brother with this hand. Sonakshi tells her that she will now expose her in front of the entire family as the police already has all the proofs against her.

Veena overhears the conversation and Nishi turns the table around with her emotional drama. Sonakshi tells Veena not to fall in Nishi’s emotional drama as she has tried to kill Naren. The entire family gets to know of this truth. Sonakshi tells everyone that Nishi pushed Naren down from the balcony to kill him, so that she gets the Sippy property. Nishi denies the blame and tries to get everyone’s sympathy.

Yash defends Nishi as he is unaware of the truth. Rohit gets to know about the entire matter. She believes Sonakshi while Veena and everyone get against Sonakshi and ask to throw her out of the house. Rohit trusts the police investigation and supports Sonakshi. He asks Veena to give a chance to Sonakshi.

Further, Nishi plays the suicide drama to win the family’s trust. She shows that she has no interest in Sippy property and business. Sonakshi gets blamed for Nishi’s state again.

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