Kalire actress Meera aka Aditi Sharma talks about her co-star Arjit Taneja

While the new Zee TV show Kalire seems to have taken off well, here’s an update on a small conversation with Kalire’s Meera aka Aditi Sharma where she talked about her character and her sweet co-star – Kumkum Bhagya’s Purab aka Arjita Taneja!

When asked about her character Meera, Aditi said that there is a lot of similarity between her ‘reel’ and ‘real’ self. Both Aditi and Meera are bold ,they love their families and they stand up for what is right! Just as they say ‘No Pain No Gain’, Aditi is taking a lot of efforts for the show. Not only did she train herself in Kabaddi but also performed all the stunts from riding bikes to autorickshaws and jumping off the first floor!

Kalire being her debut show, the newbie naturally finds difficulties in coping with the technical aspect of the show.

The actress also reported that she’s not yet comfortable with doing romantic scenes and she even kept chewing gum to deal with her nervousness while shooting a scene with Arjit.

Aditi also shared that Arjit made her feel comfortable in the scene and he even keeps boosting her confidence on the set. Isn’t that a sweet??

Well we can already predict that Vivaan-Meera’s chemistry is going to rock the show!!!




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