Kaleerein upcoming story: Meera shocks Vivaan with Paromita and Vivaan love drama

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kaleerein (Kalire) serial on Zee TV.

Meera finds Vivaan’s past and presents all the incidents of Paromita’s life in front of him. She throws the party, and then shocks Vivaan by the Paromita and Vivaan’s love drama.

She repeats all the incidents and wants Vivaan to admit the truth of killing Paromita. Vivaan gets tensed and goes to explain Meera. She shouts at him for hurting Paromita. He tells her that he didn’t hurt Paromita, he can never imagine of hurting anyone. She has found out the truth and doesn’t believe Vivaan’s clarification. She tells Vivaan to just confess his crimes.

Mira runs away from Vivan. Vivaan asks her to stop and give him a chance. He tries to put the facts in front of her. She finds him manipulating the facts. She asks him how can he play with a girl’s life, if his love for her is also fake pretence. Vivaan feels like losing Meera. He tells her that he had just pointed the gun at Paromita, but someone else shot Paromita, he didn’t love Paromita ever. She feels he has lied a lot and he is lying even now. She tells him that she will find the entire truth.

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