Home TV Kasauti Zindagi Ki 07 January 2019 Episode Written Update

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 07 January 2019 Episode Written Update

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 07th January 2019 Written Update, Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Episode

Today’s (07.01.2019) Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode starts with Nivi thanks Anurag for helping her in her work, She tells him good choice about Mishka, she is glad that he didn’t chose that simpleton Prerna. She says that Prerna had controlled your mind and heart and made a aim to save Prerna. She says i could not see my brother getting hurt because of that middle class girl. She says you are my only son and mom also love you more than me, yet you forgot everything and wanted to save her. She says girls like Prerna make you hear their sob stories to trap rich guys like you. He remembers how Prerna never told him about her problems and how she wanst to earn money to be independent, she keeps talking against Prerna and her drama, while Anurag is thinking of her. She says how girls like her do drama of getting wet in rain while he thinks of her enjoying the rains. He says to himself, Prerna is opposite to what Nivi is saying, Nivi gets a call, Anurag says i have noticed Prerna so closely and remembers his moments with her.

Mishka comes to Anurag with some files sent by his mum, he imagines Prerna with the files instead of Mishka. He keeps looking at Prerna (reality Mishka) as she puts her arms around him. Mishka asks him if everything is ok, he says nothing and says i have to leave for work.

Prerna thinks of Komolika’s insult and her challenge to ruin her life. She is upset that Komolika hurt her mother and father and humiliated them, she says i will not spare her and not let anybody put my family in any trouble. She says that girl, there are so many secrets hidden in her eyes, i will not spare that girl. She thinks of Anurag, she says i wish you were here, i am feeling lonely, she imagines him behind her saying that i will always be there for you, she turns around, but is he is not there, she looks for him in entire house. Veena asks her what happened, she says nothing. She goes back to her room.

Anurag remembers Nivi’s warning against Prerna being a middle class girl who wants to trap a rich guys. Ajeeb dastaan Hai plays on radio, he recollects singing song with Prerna in the rain. He gets a call from Nivi that he forgot the file at home only.

Prerna is confused about seeing Anurag everywhere, she gets a call from him and wonders if he is really giving a video call. He tells her that he missed taking afile and asks her to collect the file and give him in the office, he says i will meet you in meet. She thinks how will i work with Moloy, i had decides to stay away from Anurag, she thinks of getting ready.

Komolika thinks about Prerna’s challenge to her. Prerna come shome, Nivi and Mohini are not happy to see her. She greets Mohini and says Anurag has asked her to get some papers, Nivi says you work for father, not Anurag, she says because Anurag needs me.

Prerna anwers back to Nivi that don’t worry i will not take anything from Anurag’s room, if you still don’t trust me, then when Anurag calls, tells him that i work for Moloy not him and i will tell him the same too. Mohini tells Prerna i don’t like the way you talk, she says sorry to MOhini. Nivi tells Mihini, why did you let her go, Mohini says i don’t want hindrance in Anu’s work. Mohini says we have these servants working for us, i will make sure she knows that he father and she are just servants.

Komilka’s father asks her if Shivani has taken the complaint back, she says not yet, but i will make sure i will sort out everything as this is very personal to me now. He asks her who from the family was acting smart, she says that chepa girls’ cheap sister.


Mishka overhears Prerna talking to Anurag’s pic and confronts her.


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