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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 10 October 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Kasauti Zindagi Kay Written Update, Kasautii Zindagii Kay latest updates

Today’s (10.10.2018) Kasauti Zindagi Ki (Kasautii Zindagii Kay) episode starts with Komilika’s is shown with her back (no face) along with her freinds at a theater where everyone is stunned with her entry at the theater hall.

Anurag and Prerna also reach the same theater hall for movie, Anurag asks for Balcony tickets, the ticket guy says someone has booked the entire balcony, Anurag says to give other tickets, the ticket guy gossips how Meerut wali ladki books entire balcony tickets, she is too beautiful and daughter of rich man, her bodyguard booked all tickets.

The popcorn guy gives Komolika popcorn. Anurag and Prerna watch the movie as Prerna says this is love, you sacrifice yourself for the sake of love. Anurag says  she knows love in such depths, then why is she marrying Navin.

Komolika says this love, sacrifice is for lonely people, for me love is to get whom you love, the friend says see at the end, only real love wins, Komolika throws her popcorn from balcony, it falls on Anurag, he gets upset, Prerna says may be Meerut girl wants to show her love to you, Prerna and Anurag decide to leave movie half way and decide to help their friends get married.

In between Prerna halts at her home to get saree for her friend, she misses to see Navin who has come out of her house, Anurag sees Navin with a woman as he hugs her and gets into his car. She tries to find out the woman, he finds something fishy.

Suman talks to Shekhar that now only so much money Navin has given to Prerna for shopping before marriage, she says we can keep 4 lakh for us, she curses him if you want you will repay your father’s loan, Prerna overhears this, they have an argument as Shekhar decides to repay his father’s loan. Prerna is happy and thinks may be Navin is not so bad at all, he gave money but didn’t show it off, she thinks to thank him.

Navin thanks the mystery woman (jaan) for her idea, jaan says now Prerna will be grateful to you, she says to be careful else, she will not marry you, she says i can do anything for you even if it means Prerna has to be sacrificed.

Prerna gets her saree, her friends praise her choice, Anurag says that this saree is much better than Navin brought for her. Anurag thinks if she should tell Prerna about what he heard in Navin’s bedroom, Anurag hits break, they hold each other’s hands, Anurag says why do i care for so much, why i can’t see her in trouble, he says Prerna don’t marry.

Anurag and Navin’s car is stuck in the traffic jam, jaan tells Navin to call Prerna and tell her about money, he says let her come home, she will find on her own, Mohini is also min the same traffic jam, she spots Navin, he sees her and manages to leave while she shouts out for him, Navin makes jaan to hide her face by bending down. jaan bites him off for pushing her down, he explains her that Mohini had spot them together, she would have called off the marriage.

Mohini wonders why Navin didn’t stop the car. Mohini is upset that her car can’t be fixed and has to take a taxi.

On the way, Prerna opne’s car window to pray Goddess Durga, her Chunri goe son Anurag’s face, his hair get bad, she makes them proper, he says sorry he says i don’t like anyone touching my hair, she says sorry again and says don’t be mad now. Kirti’s mum sees Kirti in the car with Anurag and finds out that Anurag and Prerna are helping her daughter to elope and get married.

Mohini come shome fuming and calls for Navin, he is tensed, Kirti’s mum who is Anurag’s mum’s Mohini friend calls Mohini and tells her that your son is involved along with prerna to help her daughter Kirti elope with her boyfreind and they are getting them married. She says i have called to warn you as i will lodge a poilce complaint for kidnapping my daughter. Kirti’s mum tells her to make her son understand. Mohini tells Navin your Prerna is making my son do wrong things, i will not leave him, Nivi comes there, Mohini tells her how Prerna has dragged Anurag in a scam with her, Navin thanks God that Mohini forgot his scam thanks to Anurag and Prerna scam.


Mohini tells Moloy your friends daughter is a problem and bad luck for the family, he says then why are you getting her married to your brother, she says i will prove, Prerna is a bad luck for family, i will break this marriage.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki upcoming twists: Navin plans to sell off Prerna


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