Kasauti Zindagi Ki 14 January 2020 update: Anurag thanks Viraj to make him realize love for Prerna

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 (Kasautii Zindagii Kay) on Star Plus. It would be seen that Anurag is not sure about his true feelings for Prerna and decides to talk to Sonalika about it. Anurag calls Mohini to ask for Sonalika. Mohini suggests Sonalika to avoid talking about Prerna with Anurag.

Viarj also thinks about his feelings for Prerna. He thinks her to be a very simple and sweet girl. He thinks that his life would be complete after the loss of his wife and child, when he marries Prerna. He doubts Anurag’s closeness with Prerna but get hopeful that she will do anything for him once he wins over her love. Veena hears this and feels bad.

Komolika meets Ronit who is disguised as a waiter and tells him to kidnap Prerna. Shivani spots Ronit but is not sure about him in his disguised look. She follows him but Komolika gets into an argument with her to stop her. Shivani talks to Anupam about Prerna being in danger. However, Nivi stops Anupam.

Everyone gets to the dance floor. Viraj wants to dance with Prerna but steps back seeing Anurag offering to dance with her. Komolika dance with Viraj and brainwashes him that Anurag has feelings for Prerna and he should keep Prerna away from him. She asks him to help her as she cannot directly talk to Anurag about it.

Prerna feels some pain and Anurag cares for her. Moloy is happy to see Anurag’s love for Prerna while Komolika, Nivi and Viraj feel awkward. Viraj thinks that Prerna is more than a friend to Anurag and decides to confront him. Anurag admits that he loves Prerna and thanks Viraj to help him realize his live for Prerna.

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