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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16 October 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update, Kasauti Zindagi Kay latest news

Today’s (16.10.2018) Kasauti Zindagi Ki (Kasautii Zindagii Kay) episode starts with Moloy is sad that his son will have to spend a jail in night but there is good in all of this, he gets happy that Mohini is going to break Prerna and Navin’s marriage, he decides to drink and celebrate.

Navin is tensed that he got Prerna to marry him with much difficulty and now Mohini wnats to call off the marriage, Navin calls Jaan and tells her how Mohini is blaming Prerna to be bad omen and wants to break the marriage, she tells him to relax, he says Mohini has decides and she will not change her mind, jaan says you will get solution to you problem by tomorrow morning, he says what, she disconnects the phone.

Veena begs a cop to let her meet her daughter next morning, the cop tells her to wait some time. Anurag wakes up and sees Prerna is sleeping on his shoulders, she wakes up and says i am sorry, she asks what is the time, there is some problem with his watch. veena comes to meet Prerna, she asks what is she doing so early in morning, Veena checks on Anurag too, she says son’t worry, you will be released today, Moloy and Rajesh will soon get the lawyer and bail you out, Anurag tells her not to be tensed, all will be OK.

Laywer informs Moloy and Mohini that he is unable to get Anurag out of jail on bail as Kirti’s parents have given prrof that Kirti is not 18 years old. Mohini gets upset and breaks cup of tea. Mohini calls Kirti’s mum to request her to release her son, she is unable to talk to kirti’s mum, Mohini says Moloy i want my Anu back home, Moloy tells her to relax.

Navin comes to the poilce station with minister. the cops welcome the minister, the  minister tells i have come to you now, means my work is important, MInister says you are doing wrong by putting Prerna and her friends in jail for wrong reasons, he says i can take your case, so you better do your job and release Anurag, Prerna and her freinds now. The copAnu as orders to release Anuraga and Prerna, Navin thanks the minister, lady cops informs that Navin got minister Choubey. Navin introduces Prerna to Chaubey, Anu and Prerna thank the minister. He compliments them to be gook looking couple. Navin gets uneasy with the comment while Prerna and Anurag get surprised with his comment, Minister advice them not to get into matters of love and it will always put you trouble, Anurag agrees with Chaubey’s advice, Minsiter leaves, navin goes to see him off.

Navin comes home with Anurag and Prerna, Mohini is very happy to see her son back home, Moloy checks on Prerna, she says she is OK. Mohini says i am sorry Navin i told you so much bad, but you can ask anything from me, he says get me engaged to Navin, Mohini agrees and says tomorrow, there will be a big party during ashirward ceremony. Prerna is shocked, Anurag looks at her too, Navin asks Prerna if she is haapy now that marriage dayte is fixed, Moloy asks Anurag is he is OK, he says yes, Moloy asks Anu if Prerna has ever told you about Navin, what is this, He telles Moly, you know Prerna from childhood, you should know better than me, he says i know Prerna is sensible but why is she doing, Anu says i asked her, but she asked me to stay away, Moloy is happy that Anurag is speaking to Prerna just than being formal, he is glad, Prerna has made him talk.

Navin drops Prerna home in his car, he tells her how much he has done for her, Prerma tells him to stop thinking about relations as a deal, for her marriage is about union of two families, she says i will not stop working after marriage and will pay off all you moeny. but next time donot tlak to her like this, she will call off the marriage and then will see what happens. They reach home, Veena and Rajesh thank Navin to help Prerna, he says that they should think him now as their son not damaad, prerna’s sis laugh, he says i know you have issues about my age, i will prove to you i can dance better than Prerna’s brother, he dances on saajan ji ghar aaye, everyone is stunned with his dance, he has now i have  to rush as he has to prepare for engagement with Prerna, Veena and Rajesh are shocked with this development.


Prerna is in tear in college bathroom as she gets to hear bad about her, Anurag trie sto console her and happens to say her i love you.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki upcoming twists: Navin to introduce Komolika to Anurag’s family


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